You’re Smaller Than A Speck Of Dust On Billion Mile Beach

“nightynight, sleep tight, don’t let the thought that your smaller than a speck of dust on billion mile beach concern you”

Supermassive Black Holes Could Be Part Of An Interstellar Cosmic Web

Astronomers have discovered that the black holes at the center of some galaxies are strangely aligned with other black holes across billions of light years in distance. The remarkable discovery implies the makings of an interstellar cosmic web. If true, the revelation could reveal many secrets of the universe.

gee, as i’ve said for decades, any true singularity (ie, Einsteinian “zero size, infinite mass”, not the “of course everything goes around the Earth, this new bit we just made up this arvo to add to our math proves it” “quantum”) “IS” every other true singularity, in the way that every matched resonant quartz crystal is “the same” as every other matched resonant quartz crystal, true singularities “link” because they are all “at the same place”, ie, as deep into the space-time fabric as they can possibly be, they ARE the “meniscus” of “light-speed as zero”, the “needle-point” at the end of the space/time “thread” of matter & energy…

or, to elaborate a little, a true singularity (“black hole”) of zero size & infinite mass is still inclusive of the inverse square law of gravity, ie, if you are measuring matter that you claim is travelling at light speed (neutrinos etc for example) & you are get readings of less than infinite mass &/or greater than zero size, then your “ug have rock, ug brain surgeon” measuring equipment is innaccurate & you are merely measuring the object’s event horizon or (more likely) an even further from gravitational center area, also, as that body’s infinite mass means that gravitational acceleration (eg, Earth gravity, 9.8 meters per second squared) is actually getting closer to light speed the closer any approaching matter “falling” towards it is, therefore meaning that any matter in its vicinity is also “gaining mass” as it nears that true singularity’s event horizon/gravitational effect zone, thus increasing the apparent “size” of that effect zone, as each “nearing infinite mass” particle then affects any other matter out from its own increasing mass, then that matter increases mass also as the apparent “event horizon” or “hawking radiation” area expands exponentially via that same inverse square law, like a shell of matter becoming energy, but gaining mass interim to that point where it enters the “near” light speed, “near” infinite mass “exo-gravity” event horizon “expansion” #dothemath

“ps, don’t take newton too seriously though, Einstein covers it much better, just that newton is “dumbed down” enough for y’all”

of course one “down” side (see what i did there) to a true singularity causing any matter approaching it to accelerate towards light speed & hence increase in gravitational mass is that those particles then also gravitationally affect other particles around them in the same way, ie, as if a train picked up every carriage it passed from every line & siding along the way but whilst still accelerating, ie, a hyperbolic exponential of mass increase, volume decrease, & the result that the entire proximity then becomes part of that true singularity, as the inverse square of all the slightly below lightspeed, slightly above zero size particles still has perceptible range in a cumulative fashion, until everything is “back” in one zero sized place, at “zero” (ie, “light”) speed & thus capaple of broaching the “meniscus” & exit Einsteinien space-time to re-become the “tachyon” in its exoverse environment, possibly causing a “twang-back”, possibly not (& thus requiring the next “multiverse” to be “stitched” from scratch as mentioned.), & i mean EVERYTHING, the total collapse of everything in your sphere of existance into a zero sized point. &, theoretically, depending on any potential “critical mass” effect, could happen anywhere between now, lunchtime thursday, or a billion & a half years, ie, impossible to ascertain with current technology’s “ug have rock, ug brain surgeon” “tools”.

ok, now, let’s rev it up some, step back & look at the universe as you see it, then picture all those galaxies as “ameboids”, or even as “cells” in an organism so huge you can only see the tiny bit of its “bloodstream” that you’re entire galaxy is a mere virus or amoeba or corpuscle or whatever in, & that ALL the “expansion” of that universe is no more than those constituent “micro-organisms” fleeing from an INTENSELY “hungry” true singularity at the “center” (ie, as deep in the lightspeed “meniscus” as is possible, the ABSOLUTE “down” of this space-time continuum) in at least a survival mode reflex (think of nerve cells “retreating” from painfull stimulii such as fire, ice etc, or of insects, animals etc, fleeing areas before earthquakes), or even an intelligent manner (if a tiny amount of chemical, electrical & subatomic interactions such as your chimp selves can consider itself remotely sentient then how much greater would be the possible intellect of all those same components at galactic size), in which case, uh, you might have cause for concern somewhat sooner, because if you’re actively destroying a part of that creature’s bio-system, with your continued “static” from ripping & bombing your Planet to pieces to rip out its electrically conductive veins etc, you may be noticeably slowing down its escape, & as with any fox with its leg in a hindering trap might chew its own leg off before the trapper arrives, or any organism with a disease will rally its antibodies, it could sacrifice the area causing that disruptive & detrimental to its survival in a number of ways, anything actually from bombardment with rocks to exploding your sun, you just can’t really tell with anything that “different”… nightynight, sleep tight, don’t let the thought that your smaller than a speck of dust on billion mile beach concern you.

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