“If Yellowstone Super-Caldera Erupts It Will Potentially Ice-Age The Planet”

“yellowstone super-caldera is overdue, & the west keeps finding excuses to bomb areas that effectively reduce magma & volanic gasses buildup under yellowstone, ie, ever since Hiroshima ……. if it properly erupted it would potentially ice-age the Planet, or even change its spin or axis-tilt”

Yellowstone Super-Volcano Eruption Would Be Disastrous For Entire US

If the massive supervolcano at Yellowstone National Park erupted again, scientists believe it would blanket much of the United States in ash and potentially sever communication as well as travel between the country’s coasts.

According to a new study published by the US Geological Survey, cities about 300 miles away from the volcano’s location in Wyoming would be covered in up to three feet of ash as a result of a supereruption, the largest kind of volcanic eruption possible. More than 240 cubic miles of material would be expelled into the atmosphere, reaching cities like New York and Los Angeles on both sides of the United States.

“believe” it would? No doubt it would, it’s the Planet’s largest super-caldera, about a thousand times more powerful than krakatoa in the southern hemisphere, & krakatoa was felt, heard & smoke seen from Europe & the uk etc, ie, if it properly erupted it would potentially ice-age the Planet, or even change its spin or axis-tilt, yellowstone national park (& surrounds) are IN the volanoe’s “mouth”, & California would finally get “the big one” they keep stressing about, the San Andreas would more than likely not merely slip but slide as well.

“well, at a guess? i’d hazard either side-effect of fracking or yellowstone super caldera through to san andreas fault getting ready for “the big one”, ie, it ain’t just animals running from areas that can signify a quake on the way, the tracks of train-lines are kind’v prone to buckling & derailing carriages because of subtle changes to the ground they’r nailed to also…”

On the bright side, survival in general would be a challenge again, better for the Evolution of the Species than plastic shiny toys & “bucket’o’burgers” ….. “Every Cloud Has A Silver Lining”

Grand Canyon Covered By Sea Of Clouds In Amazing Weather Event

The Grand Canyon, one of the seven wonders of the natural world, became even more wondrous on Thursday, thanks to a rare weather event. A sea of clouds filled the chasm from the bottom up, ebbing and flowing like a seaside tide.

….&, regardless of it only happening not long ago also, it has nothing to do of course with any undeclared volcanic activity a state away in nearby yellowstone super-caldera, nearby-on-the-other-side california might be best “keeping an eye on” the tiny critters upwards, just in case they start “migrating” suddenly. WellChill! Billie

Greenhouse Gasses: Too Much Emphasis On Carbon Dioxide Impact; More Needed On Ozone, Methane, Scientists Say

A group of scientists say there is too much emphasis on carbon dioxide as a greenhouse gas, & other forms such as ozone, methane & sulphur dioxide should receive more attention.

….to a point i’ve said same for years, sulphur dioxide for example is factory smoke that mixed with water makes sulphuric acid (hence acid rain in europe etc), & ozone from industry/power production & electric current is a major lung irritant, eg, i noticed years ago (suddenly) that ventolin wasn’t anywhere near as effective, took it back to chemist, turned out to be the 1st batch released without cfc propellants, cfc’s break down ozone in lungs too, ps, i’d guess it’s merely scientists whinging that THEY aren’t getting funded, but another reason for keeping an eye on (eg) sulphur dioxide is that the oceans are increasingly acidic, giant squid are surfacing around known volcanic areas (sensitive mucus coated skins) & yellowstone supercaldera is overdue, & the west keeps finding excuses to bomb areas that effectively reduce magma & volanic gasses buildup under yellowstone, ie, ever since Hiroshima, Slainté.

No doubt a “friendly fire” “collaterol damage” side-effect of usa/canadian fracking as they attempt to relieve pressure buildup under yellowstone super-caldera.

Earthquake Hazards Considerations For Iraq

The territory of Iraq, although not directly located on a dense cluster of recent earthquake epicenters; but the geodynamic configurations show a medium tohigh seismic risk. This will be coupled with the increasing vulnerability of the major highly populated cities .The state of seismological research, seismic monitoring, and seismic hazard awareness have seen better times during the last two decades. It is hoped that the data given in this work would stimulate a more detailed and a state of the art seismic and seismological engineering research on Iraq‘s seismicity.

Ya sure bombing Iraq is totally about stealing oil etc, or is it because bombing Iraq etc potentially relieves pressure under yellowstone super-caldera… #twobirdswithonestone #theweakestlink ……

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