‪”Yankland Buried Under Magma From Yellowstone Super Caldera”‬

“GOLD is worth WAY MORE as heat transfer etc, than as gold in a hole in fort fkn knox somewhere, still, once yankland buried under magma from super caldera it’l make a nice nugget hunt for legends of tha future…”‬

‪ps, also carbon fibre solar bbqz size of footy fieldz yet light az featherz to track desert sun & super heat steam for more turbinez or even blast furnaces for smelting ores etc., or spread cf tarps (over gold foil even to enhance condensation) around desert dwellingz of totally shapeable, termite-proof carbon fibre to trap water currently lost every day to air there, leave shaped garden areas, encourage native plants to “un-bonsai, they may have gone near 36000 yearz sans H2O but they THRIVE at even a splash, shape underside of tarps to drain to them & instant regen, extra rain from transpiration therefrom & from increased rain in general via eveporation from siphoned in inland oceans & oz could feed planet in YEARS…..also, re optic fibre ‘twixt citiez/townz etc., cf sheathed, get crew to airdrop/roadtrain/roll out & join on foot, then pick up on snap & lock cf postz to stand off of roadwayz, once in place (takez fk all time to lay a few thousand milez of cables BETWEEN habitats, look at seismic crews in oz in 70’z/80’z, & optic fibre WAY lighter than that gear), newayz, i’ve been telling crew these ideas for years now, thinking of them since 1st checking those cf bikes etc in 80’z, feather light, stronger than titanium steel etc, now also graphine, 1 atom thick there-of & strong enuf for an elephant to trampoline on (make good wrap for “shrinkwrapping”, also can graphine or carbon fibre be “diamondized” post production i wonder, most interesting, or vibrating H2O as freezing it to shake ice “boomerang” molecules into herringbones?, would be smaller then, stronger too maybe?) Or carbon fibre cable car cables & towerz to run from oz/africa, samerica/etc to frieght icebergs to land for deserts also…..etc, now pom tele show few weekz ago says “oh but carbon fibre prohibitively pricey at “$10 per pound” urm??? aside from economic brainwash aspect of malapropism they used there, a carbon fibre girder stronger than titanium steel could be cabre tossed 100 feet into the air, ya could climb up the windmill & cart a dozen up on a twine of cf, eifel tower steel NOTHING in comparison, cost heaps THEN, weak as piss beside cf yet still standing, (tho i’d be x-raying yon syd harb bridge, ain’t made for traffic it gets, old steel too, also paint ain’t gonna hold it together forever, maybe shape tunnel of carbon fibre & bolt it to harbour floor etc)…..then last week, pom show on how “we can’t make usable cf yet”…que??? yeah, deny 30 plus years of mountain bikes etc…..newayz, they also mentioned an idea i’d read a few decades ago, ie, carbon fibre elevator cable from geo-stationary orbiting asteroid to earth to cart gear out up or down, my ideas included same but from (eventually) topz of 3x size of eifel windmill towerz etc, cf decking out over girderz at top too for zeppelin landingz for both transport and passenger, but also to float cables from control tower running lightning out over NPK deficient deserts as moisture levels increase to hover over area where workers have spiked in ground electrodes that day (can run van der graffs on windmills too ya know to free up nutrients) also, why poisoning OCEANS etc with pissants tipping sewerage into thus algae toxifying & robbing fish of O2 when is just case of running sewers INLAND to settling pondz in deserts to break down pre spread on farmland, why ain’t farmers ALSO made to trench edges of farms, even paddock by paddock with quarry rubble etc, stop their excess getting into water also, and re-diggable & spreadable later) also, cf mesh floated as shelves out from & along coastlines to give fish more breeding groundz, cf globes on cf stems for living in also,…..all possible by using first few power towers/turbines to a) start siphons to fill below sea level inland seas – with ocean end well protected from accidentally catching divers etc by cf mesh globe,etc…. b) cool CO2 from air to split into carbon for fibre & free up breathable O2, … C0 getting the fkrz off the sledz & helping the kidz push coz tha mthrfkrz bogged i reckon, and, in desert countries GOLD is worth WAY MORE as heat transfer etc than as gold in a hole in fort fkn knox somewhere, still, once yankland buried under magma from (for 1st time ever overdue) super caldera it’l make a nice nugget hunt for legends of tha future, maybe keep a starmap handy somewhere just in case up ain’t atlased naemore post 1000 times krakatoa etc…..piss on that oz “golden eagle” from kal…..njoi, oh yeah news here (bb fkn c only available in oz nowadayz apparently) is that “hey hey hey it’s fatty al bashar & the joe-bob jimmy-bob cletus turnipseeds the 3rds “having a chimps at a shit flinging party ‘cept with pom provided munitions after moonz of pom corgis faking popular revolts thru midleast to get votes to steal libyas oil etc.., even tho so many BLATANT violations of geneva etc, poms on looting xenophobic genocidal crusades of kill for jesus and bring his lordship his truffles again gobshite as per fkn usual, APPARENTLY we’re meant to believe that those fundementalist trogz in libya are now holding more than 95% of tripoli even tho they have had NO popular support in near 5 moonz from ne ‘cept pomz & pomericanz, tho even tho they claim to have 95% of city of population twice that of wa they have “access” to TWO emptied before they got there hospitals, only red cross doctors & supplies, no billeting locally, that HUNDREDS of “rebels” took tripoli from gadaffi’s kids …i’d have a bevy with them before thoze inglais mofoz NE day, smart kidz, putting rivers in deserts etc, looking with it, not for ,eg, looting thug monkey fundamentalists poms want in there to beat women back into mosques and re-institute greybeard fkn trog power, newayz, njoi,‬