“Why Stephen Hawking [& Quantum] Is Wrong”

Einstein says “any mass approaching or at the speed of light approaches or has infinite mass”, uh, that means that even teensie-weensie sub-atomic particles, as they have mass, when they approach or achieve the speed of light, approach or have infinite mass, this accounts for anomalies in their “postulated” or “measured” (ug have rock, ug brain surgeon) positions, ie, dumbfucks forgetting that basic statement by einstein, having inadequate measuring equipment, and therefore having to “approximate” via quantum instead of reasoning that “hey, if high-speed sub-atomic particles such as the neutrino have both mass and near-light speed, then they fulfil both of einsteins pre-requisites for near-infinite mass!, the inverse square law of gravity still applies, therefor, at such tiny scales, it’s so close at its furthest from mass center that it “seems” to be the mass, thus dodgy measureing equipment only perceives the weak “exo-gravity” around that near-infinite mass.

“ya see the other day they had to withdraw their claim that they’d found higg’s boson. Told them so cupla years back, they finally admitted it, even though they’re still “half-clinging” to it” Nov 2014 

The new particle discovered at the Large Hadron Collider may not be the Higgs Boson – the so-called ‘God particle’ which scientists have sought for decades – according to a team of Danish physicists.

What SHOULD be black holes (or more precisely, TRUE Singularities) are subatomic particles travelling at lightspeed, apparently hawking and chums (no doubt because of the english’s refusal to accept that newton was gobshite or that anyone non-english could have a better science) prefer to ignore the basic postulate of Einstein, ie, that ALL matter at lightspeed has INFINITE mass and zero size (and zero time relative to observer), including such enables us to utilize “slingshot” gravitational relative to “distance from zero point” via the inverse square law of gravity in the plotting of particle/wave paths using only math, instead of the combination of inadequate & clumsy “ug have rock, ug brain surgeon” measuring devices and increasingly ludicrous excuses of quantum as to why things don’t end up where you’d expect them too, which resembles nothing more than the increasingly ludicrous “math” explanations given by “scientists” in good stead with the church of the time to prove that even if planets and earth APPEARED to go around the sun, the planets and sun REALLY all went around the Earth “like wot the bible says”

“higg’s boson” (no doubt the english “punning” “bosun”, what with their CURRENT “good ship venus” “slthy ToVes/slitherin Transit of Venus” looting frenzy). a load of the usual gobshite from english still tying to flog the dead horse of newtonian “physics” by sugar coating it in “no, see, our maths wot PROVES that everyfink goes’roun’tha earth & not th’sun” quantum “guesstimation”, merely because they REFUSE to believe that the NON-english Einstein was TOTALLY RIGHT, and that, in order to continue their pretentious self-indulgent anglo-supremacist “only england is smart” mythos CONTINUE to ignore TOTALLY the very BASIS of Einstein’s work, ie, that ALL matter travelling at or near the speed of light has, or nears INFINITE mass, at zero or near zero size, ie, even SUBATOMIC matter at or near lightspeed, ie, TRUE singularities, the measuring of which is beyond current “ug have rock, ug brainsurgeon” techniques and methodology, so all you measure are “event horizons” of such zero points and larger, relative to the distance FROM zero at which your “measuring tools” become accurate enough to even notice such minute particles/waves & allowing for the inverse square law of gravity, “stitching” the universe/multiverse together and explaining the “missing bits” at present referred to as “dark matter and dark energy”.ie, a SCIENTIST would’v, in the FIRST place whilst observing the lightspeed subatomic particles, have thought, “hmm, they travel at the speed of light, they are matter, therefore why do they appear to be larger than zero in size and below infinite in mass, hmm, MAYBE our MEASUREMENTS are INACCURATE at such tiny scales!!!

this is just bits i “sprint wrote” then stuck on one note for instant “basics”, i’v more coherent version(s) somewhere, but so many discs and old computers… might just rewrite, especially the “true singularities from light-speed sub-atomics being “reason” for spiral formation of galaxies/galactic clusters, pearly nautilus, fern leafs, etc. (think of ALL light-speed matter as not only “zero size”, but also – as such infinite masses are the “limit” of what can be contained within Einsteinien space-time – as being, in toto, the “inside skin” of a “soap bubble” or “water droplet” universe, ie, the Dimensionally “exterior’s interior” “meniscus” of the e=mc2 bits, or, more precisely, as the pores of that meniscal skin, then those infinitely small infinite mass TRUE singularities are the “drainage points” from Einsteinien space-time light-speed and below realm to the “tachyon” instantaneous realm in one direction, AND the “entry point”, “light-boom” zone of the “tachyon” splashing INTO its own soup in the other “direction, AND, like any meniscus, every collision with its “surface tension”, every passage through that skin, causes vibration like a diaphragm microphone, or a gnat landing on a still pond…


maybe THIS version “dumbed down” enuf for Yz???
if you apply inverse square law of gravity to “tachyon” (instantaneous particle, no mass, no volume, “just” infinite velocity) then have it penetrate the “entropy soup/tachyon soup” of your multiverse then, where it enters it creates a true singularity of infinite mass minus e=mc2 (of “light boom”splash release) at no volume, entropy/tachyon soup is caused in 1st place by tachyon intersecting with itself enough to slow down to light speed & below thus giving illusion of continuity when behind or in front of itself in “time (places in space) & illusion of mass when beside itself at same “time”, the “true singularity” caused by “tachyon”‘s entry also regathers “light boom” to reform infinite mass (relative to fabric of light speed and below) thus also becoming “tachyon” exiting “time/space as it becomes too “heavy” to remain in it, so that on exit, meeting zero resistance in void, it exchanges infinite mass at zero volume for infinite velocity at zero volume, as there is only one instantaneous particle any intersection of it with light speed and below “drops of mist/multiverses” are exactly the same as all of its other such penetration/exit points & hence allow it absolute wormhole capability in a sort of “resonant quartz crystals” matched pairs/multitudes kind of way, hey, workz for me.

(methinx) nazis weren’t trying to find “earths within earths” on their polar expeditions in the “onion skin” sense of globe inside globe hinted at in so many primitive tomes since the 1950’s, they were, instead, experimenting with vibratory “alternative” Earths via the poles, as polar ice is likely to be at least present in similar areas on many “potential” Earths & thus be an easier “transition area”, a (virtual) “null space”… (just a thought).

ps, the “true singularity” created by the “tachyon” hitting the entropy droplet is just the teardrop shaped hole behind and around the instantaneous particle, the reason gravity such weak force is that all you get to experience of it is the “wake” of the true field, the “tachyon” has true “infinite mass” even though appears as zero mass, zero volume relative to light speed and below zonez, but because of translation to true singularity via inverse square of zero volumed “tachyon”s velocity minus e=mc2 of “light boom” exchange (ie, think sonic boom) giving true singularity less than infinite mass at zero volume + relative gravitational field extent, ie, just enough near-infinite mass relative to light speed and below that it can reform true infinite mass as it returns light boom to event mass center then “falling” out again to re-become “tachyon in void….., slight repetitive i know, but savez having to annotate above text as referals.

and don’t forget, einstein started with THOUGHT then EXPLAINED via math, poms just won’t admit newton waz phony so have just wheeled out another barrow boy hawking string (they can’t help themselves, “forked tongue iz all they know/speak, “he who jokes confesses” to roughly quote Italian proverb, and apparently according to poms “all tha world’s a stage” etc (it AIN’T, that’s only unmitigated rot, excuses to loot)), hawking and others try to mathematically START from Einstein’s EXPLANATION and “expand” FROM it, (“did ya hear about tha constipated accountant? he worked it out with a pencil”) but Einstein’s relativity workz BECAUSE it iz closed, (Einstein PROVIDES my entropy/tachyon soup/mist droplet multiverse” in void POSSIBLE) ie, @ light speed/infinite mass, thus “stationary” in space @ zero “time”, ie, closer to light speed object gets, the more RESISTANCE it meets from physical realm until it iz “un-aging”, infinite mass as deep in gravity well as can be, (like “neutronium” falling to centre of earth idea except with universe as earth) AT light speed, but that light speed itself actually UNATTAINABLE within Einstein s/t, (even light slowed by gravity/mass etc, just not by “time”, ie, nothing WITHIN Einstein’s theory REACHES light speed, only ever NEARS light speed (else it would achieve “true singularity” status again (by drinking all light/mass/energy in uni/multiverse “tachyon/entropy soup” droplet because of its “touching”/being everything/where at once) and simply “fall” out to void and instantly translate infinite mass/no volume/zero velocity back to/into instantaneous velocity/no mass/zero volume AZ “tachyon, “instantly” hitting either same or another “drop of mist in cloud of mist droplets/entropy/tachyon soup multi-verses) like an osmosmis of translation via meniscus from instantaneous/no mass(tho infinite “gravity”(weak gravitational force of Einstein s/t because is only echo of “tachyon” splashes etc)/zero volume “tachyon”in void “between” multiverses/alternates, to “singularity” of near zero velocity/near nil volume/near infinite mass entry/exit “wormhole” teardrop wake + e=mc2 release of light boom, energy splash like airboat landing in lake, if another(tho the same) airboat ALSO landing just over there for eg, where ripples cross harmonically/phase/out of phase/whatever (my united GUTz of whatever”lol,), njoi, yr crossover amplitudes etc provide “matter” from said energy, “az above so below” to get all observational science on ya again (gnostically/druidically), or, (t’get all hollywood on ya, Einstein’s math EXPLANATION of his vision is kindv like the matrix code, ie, iz not actually tha people/objects az such, just their archive address/file size/pixel photo (ie, can never anti-alias those enuf to be real thang, pixels saw-edged steps, reality curves, balls and slingshots, (and super-spheres etc, iz why neutinos appear maybe faster than light, ie, they near infinite mass NEAR light speed coz HAVE to be in Einstein s/t) but only relative to space it warps around itself relative to inverse square law of gravity, as far as IT knows it’z still just usual near zero mass at normal time distances in normal space etc, observers seeing its weave not its warp.

ps, re “neutrinos may travel faster than light”, nah, they just warp their own zone az they NEAR light speed, just az einstein’s relativity states, observer just sees them THRU that “larger than neutrino relative to inverse square law of gravity” gravity lenz, try thinking of it az a “perspective” problem, ie, it warps space as it nears ls, to itself it traveling same distance, to observer it appears too quick because it has collapsed space/time around it thus appearing DIMENSIONALLY further away to observer tho observer still assumes it to be still “just there” in lab, it IZ still just there in lab, but is REALLY futher “inward” because of pocketing effect of s/t warping, ie, if it was ever actually AT ls (pretending it wouldn’t just “drop out” of s/t einsteinien for a minute) it would appear to vanish anyway, because it would actually BE the entire mass/”time” of multiverse of light speed and below….. kindv like holding a school ruler up to sky to measure how far plane has travelled in set time of length of ruler, ie, wildly innacurate lab measurements in first place, plane only LOOKS mm long ya know, really travel many more cm than show on ruler duh, ….., THEN, IMAGINE LEAVING PLANE AT that APPARENT SIZE BUT BRINGING IT to RULER….. njoi.