Australia Was A Paradise 40 000 Years Ago Until A Massive Bushfire Swept Through

“australia, was a FUCKING PARADISE – until about 20 to 40 thousand years ago – until a big bushfire went through the whole thing, and that’s why there’s no N.P.K or trace elements in the soil, because they’re normally replaced by the trees dropping leaves, and shedding bark ……. and the dead life-forms”

“when yank survey teams had geo’s out checking resources in the ’80’s, they found charred core samples at same age all over oz, including Great Barrier Reef, indication of 1 big fire”

i’d have a SERIOUSLY independent crew take a look at when that big fire swept australia

Callie Hamilton: What fire?! I have never heard of this…

australia ….. until, according to “scientific authorities”, was covered in 3 concentric reings of non-deciduous Forest from the coast to Uluru in the center, until a fire went through “a few thousand years ago or less”… & Rivers, & Lakes, & Inland Seas, oh, AND Millions of People. i.e, it’s not a “country”, it’s a Continent nearly the size of Europe, & back then (& now, where some managed to keep Culture alive) was over a hundred different Countries, with an amazing Trade System that not only transferred goods Continent wide, but that traded also out-of the Land Mass, with China even, oldest continuous Cultures on Earth.

And this was 20,000 years ago?! I do recall something about only half of Australia is liveable, I never really understood how or why though….?

yeah, even 30 years ago they were saying “40 or 50 thousand years ago”, every year or ten since they drop the time more …eg, when yank survey teams had geo’s out checking resources in the ’80’s, they found charred core samples at same age all over oz, including Great Barrier Reef, indication of 1 big fire at same time, carbon dating is ridiculous to use in general, but in oz especially, ie, uranium etc is so close to the surface all sorts of shit gets into trees etc., besides which, the english are thieves, murders, rapists & liars that have burned other places down to loot them, it’s how cowards “work”.

“Toxic Photo-Voltaic Cells …. The “Get Rich Quick” Mercury Of The Next Generation’s”

oh, & re your “An inland see surely has it’s own environmental issues? This is not a trivial change you are proposing.”? if you were to bother doing the tiniest bit of research into the current “desertification” of the australian inland you might note that until less than 40 thousand years ago, & well within Human habitation of oz, australia was covered in 3 concentric main forests that reached from the coast to Uluru, & which also surrounded inland seas, flowing river systems & swampland/marshland, existing recent core samples taken from all over oz in the past few decades show evidence of a bushfire that burned the entire continent’s jungle/forest down, thus destroying both NPK replenishment via life & that either caused the drying up of the lakes etc (trees & vegetation not only transpire moisture into air, they also pump vast quantities up from sealevel under sand, filtering as they do so), or the fire was caused BY the drying up of the lakes etc via earthquakes caving in connecting tunnels from the ocean, you might also notice that the remaining flora & fauna in the deserts are “bonsai” versions of their recent ancestors of a mere 30,000 plus years ago, when the Indigenous hunted & lived alongside 3meter tall kangaroos, giant wombats etc, & that not only have they managed to evolve to current desert conditions virtually “overnight” in genetic terms, but absolutely THRIVE on even the tiniest boost to their water supply, check for example, the goldfields after a rainfall, or, eg, lake fkn eyre when it fills everycupla decades or so. i’m talking a REPAIR job, NOT a “terraforming”. we have the choice in australia at the moment of being either a greedtard ploy of erosion, that can tear down mountains & wear away diamonds faster than nature, or we can choose to “reverse entropy” & actually improve the lot of not only every australian, plant & animal, but to feed other Peoples also, of course the maggot heirarchy of the patriarchaic status quo would see the lard-arsed troglodytes with no more buckets of tim tams than the masses in general, but hey, i don’t give a fk’bout those fucktards.

“Lightning Strikes Free Up Nitrogen etc In Soil Making It Fertile”

“lightning strikes free up nitrogen etc in even poorest tiredest soil & thus make it fertile again, very useful in NPK deficient oz soils that have had virtually no decomposing vegetation/animal matter to repair it since the massive fire that swept from coast to Uluru destroying the 3 concentric forests that COVERED oz until very recently”

“That’s All A Fucking Nuclear Reactor Does Anyway!”

Darren J. Halifax: So Billie, to the untrained eye, and the general population, it [central Australia] looks like DEAD land …. useless, but in fact, it’s quiet the opposite?

Yeah, and plus because it WAS connected to the ocean there would be heaps of dead fish and the remains of them in there as well. Everything will be in there still. Anything you can find in the ocean, including life-forms, is going to be in there, in the salt. All it needs is dilution.

And there’s a layer of gold?

I reckon there would be. I’ve never seen anything written about it, but just from the fact that it dried out quite fast – in a matter of, well, way since occupation. I mean, since the indigenous community got here, about probably, 30/40,000 years after they got here, is when it dried up, according to the records, according to the core samples taken from all over Australia, with a big forest fire going through there and the lakes drying up.

So you’re not just talking about Lake Eyre?

No. All of them. There was three types of non-deciduous forests, from the coasts, right through to Ulluru, interspersed with lakes, ponds, river systems, marshlands, all the rest of it. The place was a FUCKING PARADISE – until about 20 to 30 thousand years ago, or 20 to 40 thousand years ago – They keep whittling it down: it’s closer to 20,000 these days they say – until a big bushfire went through the whole thing, and that’s why there’s no N.P.K or trace elements in the soil, because they’re normally replaced by the trees dropping leaves, and shedding bark and all that sort of thing …. and the dead life-forms.

So a fire caused this phenomenon? How did the ocean water stop getting to these parts?

Well, partly because, I guess, the tunnels caved in, because, also the trees bring more and more moisture up as well, and keep the rainfall happening, and keep the lakes topped up, and so if the lakes aren’t topped up, then they are gonna dry up faster. Or it could have been earthquakes. It could have been all sorts of things because the tunnels that connected these areas to the ocean could have caved in just from the heat of the fire. Or the lakes could have dried up from ocean because of earthquakes, and the trees dried because of that …. you know, it could be one way or the other. But then also once you’ve got them dug out, apart from deeper areas for agriculture, you know, the cooling and all the rest of it, and all the immediate benefits, you’ve also got all that salt which can be used not only as a fertiliser, that ocean residue that you’ve dug out, can not only be used as a fertiliser, you could also store a HUGE amount of it in, have you ever seen passive solar? …. passive solar towers? In a sense of electrolytic …. you just basically fill a big bin full of salt, and you get the electric reaction from that to produce electricity. Totally clean, and it stores your salt.

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