The Union Fkn Jack Clad Klu Klux Fkn Klan

“…. the union jack ….. peel it off the Australian flag, wipe your arse on it, and post it, CO fkn D back to fkn england”

dunno’bout y’alls, but personally i’m sick to fkn death of seeing plethora of union fkn jacks outnumbering a dozen to one the Australian flag on Australian television, and that’s not even counting the (vast majority) of times the Australian flag is, even WHEN shown, zoomed in/camera angled to show ONLY the union fkn jack corner thereof, or fkn corgi fkn “Australian” mps standing in front of only union fkn jack bit of Oz flag, usually wound like a fkn wizard’s fkn dunce cap as if they’re either wearing it or implying they have union fkn jack clad fkn klu klux fkn klan looming over their fkn shoulders ,i’m no flag waver by a fkn longshot, more a “citizen of the World”, but if anyone flew their FOREIGN fkn flag so fkn often anywhere else on Planet as fkn poms fly their union fkn jack in Oz they’d be fkn tried for fkn TREASON, i’m fkn sick to fkn death ALSO of pom fkn accents and whistling pom muthafukkas on every fkn ad and television show, or the “end of financial year” sudden “big money”game-show handouts to a higher percentage of fkn poms than even remotely represents their true percentage of the actual population of Australia, especially when they get called up at end of show, after previous contestants are knocked out on totally obtuse and high voltage questions and then asked “is london in Africa,Russia,South America or england” type fkn questions, i’m sick and fkn tired of pom fkn invasion/ignorance of Oz Culture in general, but most of all, of the union fkn jack, tip, peel it off the Australian flag, wipe your arse on it, and post it, CO fkn D back to fkn england.

ie, there’s a population of “ex-pats” and immigrants on this Planet, that TOTALLY REFUSE to assimilate no matter what Country they infest, they refuse to learn local languages, insist on instigation of their own laws/religion/policing/politics/television/marching fkn bands/racism/elitism/”class”structures/foods/traditional holidays and observances being enforced on everyone in the country they’ve just moved to, ie, the fkn poms simply refuse to integrate to locality and Customs etc of “the colonies”, so trebouchette the mufks back to fkn england whilst ya still HAVE your OWN Culture.