“…. it’s like watching E.A.Poe’s “Tar & Feather” run the fkn loony bin”


So, my ideas to increase Australian available Water Resources, & utilizing sewerage efficiently by running it into settling pans in the deserts etc. are ignored, your politicians mock the Chinese for utilizing THEIR sewerage as fertilizer in agriculture, but somehow THIS is “alright”, you’r a mob of pig-ignorant hick yokels & you really ought to be told that more often, what a sheeple flock of corgi pissant motherfuckers you are Australia, you’l DRINK shat in piss whilst WASTING water, AND whilst giving your new pom cops “upgraded & modern facilities, what fuckin PEASANTS, enjoy your new owners, i’m sure they’l be “enjoying” you.

Treated Sewage Approved For Drinking Water

Treated sewage will be part of Perth’s drinking supplies within three years after the State Government today confirmed it was going ahead with Australia’s first recycled drinking water scheme.  [The West Australian]

Let’s just “do the fkn math” here shall we, ie, are you really soooooo RETARDED as to believe that you should use FRESH water for agricultural purposes, to provide PLANTS (that THRIVE on shit & piss & corpse, you know, like you PAY BIG $z FOR from the fkn garden centers & nurseries for your fkn rose bushes) with “nutrient-free” moisture & then “supplementing” their diet with minimal nutrient super-phosphate & “chemical fertilizers” etc, whilst YOU drink recycled SEWERAGE (i’ll bet the dullkeithians, the neddylanders, the preppy grove-ites & govt. house etc. won’t be drinking out of THEIR loos like you gormless corgis.), instead of, ooooh, i dunno, MAYBE, just MAYBE, spreading the fucking sewerage INLAND instead of POISONING the limited SPAWNING grounds of the salt-water fisheries by pouring GIGA-LITRES of FRESH WATER (mostly by far) & your algal bloom promoting SHIT into it, you know, like WATERING THE FUCKING DESERTS WITH GIGA-LITERS OF FRESH WATER & “MANURE” (for those offended by words such as SHIT) by running your sewerage INLAND to spread out in shallow pans to be broken down by the DESERT HEAT & ULTRA-FUCKING-VIOLET RAYS whilst allowing the PLANT LIFE extra WATER (on which it ALSO THRIVES, or have you ‘burb-ites” never BOTHERED going for a desert walk after even a fkn SPRINKLE of rain let alone a weeks flooding, in this “wide brown land” you claim to “love”, “as long as it’s only on the tele though”.) & forget that crap about “oz plants can’t tolerate NPK”, most of them THRIVE on it, & for the very few that don’t it’s just a case of DILUTING IT, perhaps with some of those GIGA-FKN-LITERS you CLOWNS keep POISONING THE FKN OCEAN WITH, also, gee, PLANTS do “quite a good job” of growing (THRIVING) in well “manured” & well watered soil, fuck, it’s like they don’t even need to be TAUGHT how to do it, like they just “clean up” after the ANIMALS or something, fucking AMAZING that ey, like, they jus’fucking THRIVE in it, AND filter all the CRAP out of the WATER by breaking it down with acids, digestion etc, AND increase Rainfall via TRANSPIRATION, i mean, it’s like it’s their fucking ROLE in the fucking ECO-SYSTEM or something, i mean REALLY, how FUCKING RETARDED ARE YOU FUCKWITS, it’s like watching E.A.Poe’s “tar & feather” run the fkn loony bin.

Ode To The Dudes

&, P fkn S, don’t even get me STARTED on the ASSOCIATED IDIOCIES of fucking up ground water with FRACKING or allowing farms & mining companies to use the FRESH water whilst you STRAIN THE SHIT out of your DRINKING water with a combination of boiling and “PURIFYING” (IE, poisonous) chemicals, HOW FUCKING BRAIN-DEAD & COMPLACENT can you FUCKTARDS possibly be DUMBED-DOWN to.