#Superfoods: “The Life Force, Not The Corpse”

“fresh & ripe off the tree/plant is best, that way you get the important bit, ie, the “life force”, not the corpse …. You want “superfoods”? Tip, fresh food has a “half-life” of around 12hours, ie, 12hours after being picked it has lost half it’s nutritional value, another 12hours & it’s lost half of that remaining half, etc”

7 Scientific Reasons You Shouldn’t Skip Breakfast

Chances are you’ve heard many times in your life that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. And over the years, there have been countless studies attempting to prove — and even disprove — this advice, and to determine the consequences if you miss out on this meal. So, what is the truth? Is breakfast really that important? In short (no surprise), yes it is.

“that’s soooo funny “never skip breakfast”??? rofpmslmfaool, ie, i eat a bowl of pasta & tvp [textured vegetable protein] with a base of onions, garlic, tomatoes & mixed beans & greens about once a fortnight or less, food is totally over-rated as “requisite” …. njoi! Billie”

Superfoods’ Are A Myth

Eat beetroot! Eat kale! Eat mackerel and pomegranate and chard! These are not just foods: they are superfoods. They are health-giving. If you eat them in sufficiently large quantities, you will definitely live forever. I exaggerate: but media nutritionists are often telling us what foods are healthy, and why. Spinach is full of antioxidants; tomatoes are packed with lycopene. Your body needs these things; therefore, goes the hypothesis, foods with lots of it should be good for us. This morning, the Royal Horticultural Society is telling us all how to grow superfoods in the privacy of our own garden. (Probably not mackerel, but the other ones.) The trouble is, no one knows what a superfood is, and there’s no good evidence that any of the things we call superfoods are actually any better for us than the normal fruit and veg we should be eating as part of a balanced diet anyway. The NHS, in a 2011 report on the subject (PDF), says “There is no official definition of a superfood and the EU has banned the use of the word on product packaging unless the claim is backed up by convincing research.”

You want “superfoods”? Tip, fresh food has a “half-life” of around 12hours, ie, 12hours after being picked it has lost half it’s nutritional value, another 12hours & it’s lost half of that remaining half, etc, add to that that most vegetables/fruit these days are grown in poorly nutriented soils topped up only with “NPK” [nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P), and potassium (K) Wikipedia] & are harvested “green” so as to “ripen” in transit, & that it takes up to a month or more after harvest for them to go via main market, to franchise/supermarket chains own market stores pre-redistribution to their outlet retailers & you can see why people overeat, ie, their body tells them they need actual nutrition even after they pigged out on zero nutrient “cardboard”, still, at least the “food” Looks Pretty, btw, a good solution, & why farmland in (eg) Japan thrives after (non-radioactive) tsunamis? Not merely from stranded fish/seaweeds, but because the ocean is not merely NaCl [Sodium Chloride … also known as salt, common salt, table salt or halite. Wikipedia] it also contains EVERY known trace element courtesy of a billion plus years of rain & coastal erosion of the land. Another tip, you’re actually better off in many cases using canned instead of “fresh”, as many canneries can their produce directly, within hours of harvest, & some canned foods, tomatoes for example, produce galvanic reactions from their acids in the steel can that actually prevents that breakdown half-life of nutrients, basically though, fresh & ripe off the tree/plant is best, that way you get the important bit, ie, the “life force”, not the corpse.

“Dish Of The Week: Burnt Carcinogenic CORPSE” by Billie Reid

Always hearing claims of “wonder foods”, i’d suggest (as braincells regrow regardless in general) that a wide variety of small amounts of vegetables (fish & chicken are not vegetables), herbs/spices (enjoyment is a known healing trigger), no burnt carcinogenic corpse, using every move an excercise in its own right etc., are much more likely to promote healthy cellular regeneration than merely chucking in some “wonder spice” which most likely only speeds cell growth, not cell health, & that (never trust the jaded rich) is possibly even merely the “dish of the week” in some circle or another, eg, “simply scrummy raw brain blancmange jeeves, however Did you manage to get the turmeric in with the aluminium so Perfectly Deliciously”, “oh, just a smidge of madison avenue deodorant & a dash of fleet street m’lud, then simply marinate the peasants for a few years & let them simmer in their own juices until soft”

re exercise, yeah, sort of, more a case though of simply “paying attention” to the muscles etc, ie, too many people seem to merely see themselves in “shallow” mode, not “wireframe” if ya get my drift, ie, they don’t “think” their physical being through everyday moves, so bad habits creep in, eg, always reaching for their coffee with the same arm, or moving their chair closer to it instead of “stretching for it” whilst consciously feeling the moves of their every other muscle around sinew/skeletal in relation to that simple move so as to incorporate their entire body into that move as a coordinated series/parallell of flex/contract/torque etc.

Hey Billie, I know it’s sick to suggest this, and I would get ridiculed but the public for saying it, but – health wise – is there really any difference between sitting down for dinner and having chicken/beef/lamb/horse etc or having a feed of human? What u reckon?

No, they’re all corpse, they all rot in chimps’ “way-too-lengthy-to-be carnivorous” gut, all cause cancer & various other toxin-based diseases in humans, ie, the human runs Perfectly on TOTALLY vegitarian, vegetation is required to keep the Planet’s ecosphere working, growing vegetables requires a tiny % of the land/resources that “livestock” uses to provide lower nutrition, poisonous corpses, & then most chimps poisoning themselves on it ignore the internal organs that are the bits that actual carnivores eat anyway, that contain way more nutrients than the flesh, & burn it 1st thus making it even MORE carcinogenic & toxic, ie, humans on average are retarded chimps.