“Single Tachyon Extrapolation Of Existence”

“Tachyon Mist-Droplet Multiverses, Single Tachyon Exoverse Encompassing Multi-multiverse Fog”

Billie Reid: “…. Mr **** [teacher at school] was the Seventh Day Adventist … the science teacher. Refused to accept the existence of ‘black-holes’ …. among other things. I actually POINTED out a few articles to him, if we had the internet I would have shown him a lot more but ….. he used to get red in the face about it. There had been recent announcements …. also, I’m pretty sure it was a fact because it was a major part of Einstein’s theory and I’ve always liked Einstein’s theory’s, they were quiet valid … they lead to my own. In fact I’m pretty sure that if Einstein managed to get his SECOND theory done, which he was saying …. just before he died actually he said “OF COURSE RELATIVITY’S WRONG, OF COURSE YOU CAN GO FASTER THAN LIGHT. MY NEW THEORY PROVES IT. I’m working on it at the moment” ….. except he probably said it in a more Germanic accent ….

So how can you go faster than the speed of light?

Well it’s easy because, all you’ve got to think of is like a “TACHYON” …. but not a tachyon as in the science fiction sense, but a “tachyon” – you know, just an easy name because it’s sort of similar …. A PARTICLE THAT’S INSTANTANEOUS basically. And what my theory is, is that, basically if you’ve got an instantaneous particle, IT CAN INTERSECT WITH ITSELF, BECAUSE TIME AND SPACE MEAN NOTHING TO IT. Basically, wherever it intersects with itself, it will slow down and ricochet …. and you’ll get …. sooner or later, with enough bumping into itself, and all the rest of it, you will get something that’s like a tachyon SOUP. WHICH IS THE LIGHT-SPEED AND BELOW UNIVERSE …. WHERE IT’S TRAVELLING BELOW LIGHT-SPEED, where it’s at the same place, next to itself in time, you know, forward or backward in time, whatever time line, IT WILL GIVE THE APPEARANCE OF CONTINUITY and, where it’s in the same TIME – but in different PLACES – next to itself, IT WILL GIVE THE ILLUSION OF MASS. And, basically, say it hits it’s own ‘SOUP’, once it’s got to that point, and it’s still intersecting with itself – but it’s intersecting with a LARGER MASS of itself, now a ‘SOUP’ of itself …. it’s already at below light-speed, IT’S GOING TO INSTANTLY LOSE VELOCITY, from instantaneous to below light-speed, AND THE SPILL IS GOING TO BE LIGHT, right, LIKE A SONIC BOOM IN REVERSE, but faster speed. Like shooting sonics into a bowl of water or something. Like a SPLASH …. LIKE A RAINBOW BRIDGE! There’s a lot more to it than that but it’s quiet simple. It’s basically allowing for the fact that it then gives you, like the MULTITUDES of such things, the MULTIVERSE of a whole heap of such light-speed and below pockets IN THE ENTIRE EXOVERSE …. LIKE aah, DROPS OF MIST IN A CLOUD OF MIST basically. And THIS MULTIVERSE, THIS UNIVERSE and MULTIVERSE, IS ONE OF THOSE DROPS … and everywhere in between that, IT’S STILL AT INSTANTANEOUS VELOCITY. The only way it can ESCAPE the SOUP that it’s made, right, of itself, by intersecting with itself, …. you know how basically the heavier something is in this light-speed and below universe … you know, like the smaller it gets for a start …. look, here’s the basic thing …. they are going on about light-speed being limit to the universe as we know it, and they are always going on about all this MISSING DARK ENERGY and DARK MATTER right, BUT THERE IS NO MISSING ENERGY AND DARK MATTER, IF YOU PAY ATTENTION TO EINSTEIN. Because the first postulate of Einstein, fuck Hawking …. Hawking’s full of shit. The first postulate of Einstein is that ANY matter, right, ANY mass, approaching light-speed, or at light-speed, NEARS or HAS infinite mass, right, and zero size. You know, at light-speed, any matter has infinite mass and/at zero size ….. that’s where you get black holes along the way. You know, TRUE SINGULARITY ….. a TRUE BLACK HOLE HAS ZERO SIZE AND INFINITE MASS RELATIVE TO THE UNIVERSE, right. It’s then sitting on the firmament of that universe … because that’s what actually happens …. I look at it like a meniscus, you know, LIKE A MENISCUS OF WATER, except IT’S WHEREVER LIGHT-SPEED IS. IT’S NOT ACTUALLY A PHYSICAL PLACE as such … IT’S WHEREVER AN OBJECT IS AT LIGHT-SPEED, it is then resting on that firmament, AS FAR STRETCHED AS THAT FIRMAMENT CAN POSSIBLY BE. IT’S LIKE DROPPING A BALL BEARING ONTO A STRETCHED OUT BALLOON or something … that sort of thing. It’s going to sink down into it. And the smaller the ball bearing is, you know, if the ball bearing weighs more, sooner or later it’s going to fall through it. And if it’s small enough, IF IT’S INFINITELY SMALL because it’s INFINITE MASS, then it’s going to fall through without leaving a hole, for more than a split second. So THE MENISCUS RETAINS IT’S INTEGRITY, and the entire multiverse doesn’t get sucked out through the hole after it, then the wormhole closes immediately. You know how people think of the Earth going around the sun on string sort of thing …. well it’s not. What it is, IT ROLLS AROUND IT right. Basically the GRAVITY WARPS SPACE AND TIME AROUND IT and you get like a trench … LIKE A TUBE more to the point, ’cause it’s all around it …. THE EARTH ROLLS AROUND, LIKE IN A BEARING RACE AROUND THE SUN basically. And YOU’VE GOT ALL THE PLANETS IN THEIR OWN BEARING RACE basically. Which alters you know because YOUR BASICALLY INCREASING / DECREASING MASS AND VELOCITY and all the rest of it. But SOMETHING AT INFINITE MASS, finds it’s place in the meniscus, AS THE PENULTIMATE PLACE IT CAN BE IN THE UNIVERSE … in the multiverse. It’s ZERO SIZE, AT LIGHT-SPEED, and it’s THROUGH the meniscus. IT’S SITTING AS PART OF THE MENISCUS, you know what I mean …. IT IS THE MENISCUS! … LIGHT-SPEED IS THE MENISCUS you know …. THAT’S WHOLE POINT OF IT. And the actual object then reverts to its instantaneous velocity once it gets through it …. WHICH IS THE ONLY WAY OUT of that light-speed universe / multiverse whatever.

“… the thing about chemistry utilizing silicate glass as test tubes/beakers/glass tubing etc, is that glass is porous, fluid, & (regardless of “quite stable” etc) reacts with (& in pretty much the same way as) any matter that interacts with carbon, ie, there is ALWAYS interchange between the glass & its contents, both volumetrically from the porousness/fluidity factors – usually under heat (actually, almost totally, as reactions produce/exchange heat anyway), & at the subatomic level also, ionic interplay, outright electron etc transfer, ie, it might be “good enough for the bush”, but it’s hardly “Science”, ie, they could just as efficiently make test tubes/beakers/tubing etc out of carbon, & (unless they used industrial diamond) the only real difference in quality would be that the “boffins” wouldn’t get to “mad scientist” all those “ooh, look, a scientist” fizzing & frothing beakers & coloured liquids gasses & compounds etc, whizz banging around in their labs for “the punters” to ogle at in amazement, ie, y’all really should redo all the experiments ever so far done in a purely mathematical/extrapolative methodology, & totally scrap the “results” y’all yokels have already collated, it ain’t fkn bush week”

You’ve also got the whole point about the ‘DARK MATTER’ ‘DARK ENERGY’ thing, and Einstein’s postulate, where else would you expect to find that extra dark energy, that extra dark mass, THAN AT THE SUBATOMIC LEVEL, which is where everything that’s … you find that’s moving at light-speed …. THERE’S A LOT OF LIGHT-SPEED PARTICLES, right, a lot of light-speed particles, and if they’re light speed, and near light-speed, THEY NEAR, OR HAVE, INFINITE MASS AND ZERO SIZE. Which means, if your measuring a particle, that you reckon has light-speed, and your measuring it at having anything LESS than infinite mass and anything GREATER than zero size, THEN YOUR NOT MEASURING THAT PARTICLE AT ALL. Your “UG HAVE ROCK, UG BRAIN SURGEON”, you know. YOUR TOOLS ARE INADEQUATE for measuring the thing. Your measuring maybe its EVENT HORIZON, maybe it’s further out than that even. You know, like, IT’S SPHERE OF INFLUENCE for certain, because THE INVERSE SQUARE LAW OF GRAVITY STILL APPLIES, but YOUR NOT MEASURING THE TRUE SINGULARITY ITSELF AT ZERO SIZE INFINITE MASS. Otherwise you would be getting readings of INFINITE MASS, ZERO SIZE for any object at light-speed. And THERE’S A LOT OF THINGS AT LIGHT-SPEED IN THE SUBATOMIC. There’s a lot of things NEARLY at light-speed in the subatomic to, which should be at either nearly infinite mass …. NEARING INFINITE MASS – more to the point – and zero size. They should be smaller … QUANTUM PHYSICS is bought in, it’s like, it’s just made up shit. It’s basically like, it’s like a bad pool player in a comp you know ….. “oh! aah! I would have got shot except there’s a bit of chalk, a bit of dust on the table” you know …. “this tables got more rolls than a bakers shop” ….. “this cue’s got wonky bits in it” …. “there’s not enough chalk on the tip” you know …. “a truck went past as I was having my shot” ….. etcetera etcetera, there’s all that sort of shit you know, it’s like, QUANTUM PHYSICS IS BASICALLY THEIR READINGS FROM INACCURATE MACHINERY, then being relayed to the physicist WHO HAS TO WORK WITH THE PURE MATHEMATICS. Whereas EINSTEIN POSTULATED THE WHOLE THING IN HIS HEAD, WORKED IT OUT INTUITIVELY from OBSERVATION, WHICH IS WHAT SCIENCE IS right …. he EXTRAPOLATED FROM OBSERVATION. Whereas what they’re doing is actually using “scientific” … SO CALLED SCIENTIFIC METHODOLOGY in the sense of using actually technical machinery, WHICH SIMPLY IS INADEQUATE AT THOSE DIMENSIONS at measuring exactly how much something weighs or how big something is AT THOSE TINY SIZES. It’s simply “UG HAVE ROCK, UG BRAIN SURGEON” methodology. IT’S RIDICULOUS! To then feed those figures to someone like Hawking, WHO MIGHT HAVE THE BEST ORGANIC COMPUTER ON THE PLANET …. if you know what I mean, might have, but it doesn’t matter if he’s been given inaccurate material to work from, IS THEN GETTING INACCURATE RESULTS THEIR FROM. You know, it’s just the way it goes. YOU CAN’T WORK ON THOSE SCALES WITH CURRENT TECHNOLOGY …. YOU DON’T HAVE IT! As soon as you start aiming something to look at something, YOUR MOVING THAT THING. THAT’S WHY THEY NEED QUANTUM PHYSICS, BECAUSE THEY DON’T KNOW EXACTLY WHERE THEY HIT IT. It’s like shutting your eyes and breaking the ball … it’s where they are gonna end up.

another adendum to this piece, ie, my comparison of “make it up as you go to incorporate the anomolies” quantum theory with the medieval church’s geocentric ptolemaic claim that “everything in the universe orbits the earth”, where, everytime some smart-arse Keplar, or Galileo, or Copernicus contradicted them, (after “admonishing” the upstarts of course) the church would then be like “of course everything goes round the earth, look, our new maths proves it, it just has to go out around that bit, then loop-the-loop over there, then duck under jupiter, speed up then jump up over mars, then back past venus, zip through the sun, & there you go, bobs your uncle, always still going round the earth like what the bible says”

So how long before Einstein passed away was he talking about this? And you were concluding the same thing?

Mere months. I’m saying that I’m guessing that that’s what he was looking at. Just the simple fact that THEY SEEM TO CONTINUALLY IGNORE THAT BASIC PREMISE …. that ANY MASS APPROACHING OR AT LIGHT-SPEED, NEARS OR HAS INFINITE MASS AND ZERO SIZE. And where else would you look for something like that than in the subatomic, where you got, especially so many parts AT LIGHT-SPEED AND BELOW/ just below.

I’m going on the other year about neutrenos … they thought they found neutrenos travelling faster than the speed of light, and I said OH CRAP!! WHAT YOU’VE FOUND IS MORE PROOF THAT EINSTEIN WAS RIGHT!! I started putting that up on a few science sites, and within a few days, less than a couple of days, they had taken their results down and said “sorry, oh our machines were broken … our machines were wrong”. They still didn’t accept my view though. MY VIEW though was, OF COURSE YOU’RE GONNA GET THAT SORT OF MEASUREMENT. You’re measuring something that’s travelling at light-speed. You’re measuring something that’s travelling at light-speed in that distance there AND YOUR NEGLECTING to take into effect Einstein’s basic postulate that is that ANYTHING AT LIGHT-SPEED HAS INFINITE MASS, ZERO SIZE AND IS SHRINKING SPACE AND TIME AROUND IT. ANYTHING NEARING LIGHT-SPEED IS SHRINKING SPACE AND TIME AROUND IT. Everything shrinks space and time just from having gravity. The smaller it is and the faster it’s moving, the more gravity it has in it’s locality … INVERSE SQUARE LAW STILL APPLIES …. you’ve basically got a shrinkage of space along (and around) the passage of THAT NEUTRENO, and all your measuring is, you know YOU’RE LOOKING AT IT FROM BACK HERE and saying it’s travelled THAT distance in THAT time but it hasn’t, it’s actually drawn that distance together from its point of view and travelled it in the normal time at light-speed you know. THAT’S HOW FUCKING EINSTEIN PUT THE WHOLE THING FORWARD, like, and THEY ARE TOTALLY IGNORING IT. They are also totally ignoring it as far as DARK MATTER and DARK ENERGY goes. WHERE ELSE WOULD YOU FIND IT, except, you know, THE EVENT HORIZONS, the DECAY FACTORS …… you know everything is splashing on to the event horizons at the subatomic, are things that actually ARE at light-speed and have (or) NEAR light-speed and have NEARLY, or HAVE INFINITE MASS – if they are at light-speed – AND ZERO SIZE, in that case, you know, everything that destroys against them …. other particles that get into there … WITHIN THERE INVERSE SQUARE LAW OF GRAVITY RANGE, that drop off over distance, and THEY’RE MEASURING THE SHELL AROUND IT of either broken down particles or decayed particles OR the actual event horizon itself but I doubt they’re even fine tuned enough to get to THAT depth. That would still be smaller than they’re capable of actually measuring.

So Einstein, his thoughts, his conclusions were frowned upon back then were they?

Well I guess so, America killed him after that. As soon as he said he thought his new theory would clear up the whole point about, you know, “OF COURSE YOU CAN GO FASTER THAN THE SPEED OF LIGHT” …. and his new theory proving it and all that ….. and he dies, aah, I’m thinking well no, no, because he might get back onto what the Germans are actually trying to do with NUKES … ie, not BLOW PEOPLE UP! right, not POISON THE PLANET …. go to the poles because that’s a good place to avoid the temporal jet lag as possible AND TRY TIME SLIPPING INTO DIFFERENT DIMENSIONS BY USING THE VIBRATORY RATES OF DIFFERENT HEAVIER ELEMENTS ….. I’m guessing that’s what the Germans were doing at the poles, not trying to …… they go on about the earths within earths bit, and everybody’s going …. these books on the illuminati and that ….. “Oh they are trying to find the earth inside the earth that was inside the earth that’s inside the earth … LIKE ONION SKINS!” NO YOU FUCKING IDIOTS! NO THEY WERNT, THEY WERE THERE WITH NUCLEAR RESEARCH …. Why would they have been there with nuclear research unless they were trying to find worlds within worlds as in the sense of the SAME EARTH BUT IN DIFFERENT VIBRATORY WAVELENGTHS …. right! WHERE BETTER TO AVOID THE TEMPORAL DISPLACEMENT JET LAG STYLE THING than at the same …. something that’s gonna be pretty much at the same locality … same appearance in any locality, ie, THE POLAR REGIONS OF ICE ARE NOT GONNA CHANGE MUCH DIMENSIONALLY, you know, from one version of the earth to another, on a large scale. It’s gonna be much easier for the traveller, that sort of thing.

“re germans in polar regions, quite possibly it was simply easier to keep high energy particle acceleration hardware & any other tech from overheating, like “supercooling” computer components when overclocking”

But your saying the Americans … they wouldn’t have assassinated Einstein would they?

Ah, I can’t see why not.

How old was he when he died? Was there some suspicion around his death?

70 something? …. I never heard of any suspicion mentioned but why would ya. The only thing I find suspicious was the fact that he seemed in perfectly good health and then he ah died … not long after … well within a few months, after actually SAYING THAT HE HAD A NEW THEORY THAT PROVED THAT YOU COULD GO FASTER THAN THE SPEED OF LIGHT ….. and that he’d be bringing it out pretty soon ….. he seemed happy with it.

So that’s suspicious as far as your concerned?


Do you listen to much George Carlin ….. wicked comedien …. very poignant. If fact, the only thing I’ve ever disagreed with him on, that I can think of is … you know, anything of any worth, is that he reckons wind chimes aren’t music, and I disagree with that. I reckon they’re more musical than pretty much anything but …. except breeze through leaves, or rain etc. but, yeah.

“always amusing, that newtonian gobshite of “for every action there is an equal & opposite reaction” … (uh, no, because then nothing could ever move), “oh, & except for gravity of course, which only moves in “one direction” & has no “equal & opposite reaction””…, seriously, quantum is mere dogmatic “new religion” from pseudo-scientists that mistake “observation of Nature” for “hitting something with something else, & then making up excuses (eg, “uncertainty principle”) for why their “ug have rock, ug brain surgeon” measuring techniques don’t “land the billiard ball” where they reckon it should land from “that shot”, rather than admit they’d “hit the ball a bit off from where they thought they’d aimed”, ie, the same gobshites that claim they can “accurately measure” the subatomic, by aiming radiation &/or subatomic particles of more of those same millionth of a hair’s width pieces of matter & record, “accurately” the resultant vectors & trajectories etc, are the same gobshites that are currently unable to even “guesstimate” whether or not a chunk of asteroid the size of a city, that passes close to earth every THREE YEARS will ever hit or nearly hit the earth…, ie, it reeks of the old days of the church persecuting & murdering astronomers for saying the earth goes around the sun, where the church would then produce more & more insane “maths” to “prove” that everything goes around the earth, “see, jupiter just has to veer off over there, whilst mars & the sun do a ewaltz over there, then they all 3 leapfrog over venus, duck under a few stars, then zoom back in around the earth, after 2 off them stand still over there for a few days…”

James Hewgill: Heya Bill, James here. Was good to hear your voice. Was listening to a snippet of your conversation about light-speed …. and all that stuff …. and I was just wondering if you’ve considered whether … as something approaches light-speed, and it’s approaching infinite mass, and infinitely small space, whether what’s in that infinitely small space, so small that we don’t know it’s there, and infinite mass, is actually the rest of the universe … ie, that’s where the universe comes from? …. anyway ….

…. POCKET UNIVERSE, yeah universes within folds in space, because of gravitational field and dimensional warping … that’s part of Einstein’s theory. The whole point is that, IF YOU’VE GOT SOMETHING OF INFINITE MASS AND THE UNIVERSE ITSELF IS THE MAXIMUM MASS THAT YOU CAN HAVE WITH THE LIGHT-SPEED AND BELOW UNIVERSE …. you’ve already got that …. you know the bit I said about where the Tachyon actually enters it’s own soul, and releases light …. LIKE A SONIC BOOM, but the opposite, and faster, because, you know it’s light. You’ve then got the opposite because IT’S GOTTA basically GET ALL THAT MASS BACK TO ESCAPE AGAIN, right, so IT’S GOTTA ACTUALLY GET DOWN TO ZERO SIZE, INFINITE MASS, before it can get out through the meniscus, WHICH IS WHEREVER LIGHT-SPEED is …. it’s not a sort of physical place, it’s where light-speed is. Which actually basically makes light-speed ZERO speed, if you know what I mean. IT’S LIKE DROPPING A BALL BEARING ONTO A SHEET OF RUBBER or something … so if you’ve got the ball bearing …. it’s too big to go through the rubber right, but you make it smaller but the same weight, it’ll sink, you know, the same distance, but it will be smaller and can go through the rubber without breaking the rubber … that sort of thing. IF YOU’VE GOT INFINITE MASS YOU CAN GET BACK OUT THROUGH THAT TIME SPACE LIGHT-SPEED MENISCUS ….. wherever light-speed happens to be, because THAT OBJECT IS NOW ZERO SIZE, INFINITE MASS and CAN’T GO ANY FURTHER, …. IT CAN’T GO PAST THAT POINT, so that’s basically a ZERO point as far as velocity goes … as far as speed goes, and once it gets through that – ONCE IT ACHIEVES ACTUAL INFINITE MASS AND TRUE SINGULARITY – LIKE A REAL BLACK HOLE, like absolutely ZERO SIZE AND INFINITE MASS, and it can fall through that light-speed meniscus back into the NO RESISTANCE EXOSPHERE, which is what I call it, right, IT CAN TRANSFER basically THE INFINITE MASS FOR INFINITE VELOCITY or INFINITE SPEED, right, BUT STILL ZERO SIZE. Basically IT’S GOTTA COUNTER-BALANCE AGAINST THE ENTIRE UNIVERSE …. so yes it could be, IF IT’S INFINITE MASS …. I’ve written that down somewhere years ago … exactly what I’m just saying there.

James seems to think that a lot of folk don’t include that in their summary.

No, no, I’ve got that covered. That’s ’cause it’s like the opposite of the same thing, you know, that IT CAN’T HAVE MORE MASS THAN IS AVAILABLE. So IF IT’S GOT INFINITE MASS, IT’S GOTTA BE EQUAL TO THE UNIVERSE BECAUSE THE UNIVERSE IS THEORETICALLY INFINITE MASS WITHIN THAT LIGHT-SPEED or BELOW UNIVERSE …. as much mass as you can have there …. AS MUCH MASS OF ENERGY AS YOU CAN HAVE THERE basically. The same basically as the tachyon …. so it gets into that complex, but not complex thing ….. really piss easy really if you think about it …. is why it’s not complex, is that the ….. is basically that my whole theory bases on the fact that if the INSTANTANEOUS PARTICLE IS THE ONLY PARTICLE IN EXISTENCE, right, so EVERYWHERE IT IS, like WHERE IT’S BESIDE ITSELF AT THE SAME TIME, you know, IN THE SAME PLACE AT THE SAME TIME …. like NEXT TO ITSELF AT THE SAME TIME, IT GIVES THE ILLUSION OF MASS, whereas IF IT’S IN FRONT OF OR BESIDE ITSELF, OR BEHIND ITSELF IN TIME, or whatever, WHATEVER DIRECTION IN TIME, in the same place, IT GIVES THE ILLUSION OF CONTINUITY.

ADDENDUM: Regarding “tachyon”/instantaneous particle etc, i resolved the gravity anomaly, ie, yes, you’d expect infinite mass of true zero volume mass at light-speed to require that it BE the universe, but my entire theory includes the “realm” of the “tachyon” as an “exoverse” where-in is contained not only THIS multiverse like a drop of “tachyon soup” in a fog of such droplets, but also that light-speed is the “meniscus” of this multiverse, & (as any matter at light-speed is “sunk” as deep into “stretch-fabric” of space-time as it can before being an instantaneous wormhole TO the exoverse) it therefore follows that light-speed is actually “zero”, &, relative mass of any matter, from stellar/planetary mass to subatomic, defines, dependent on that matter’s mass & center of gravity, its “proximity” TO that “meniscus”, ie, the exoverse is a “gravitational low pressure” zone because of instantaneous motion of “tachyon” uninterrupted by intersection/deflection off of itself (the CAUSE of the “tachyon soup” multiverses) & therefore gravity WITHIN such drops of light-speed & below mist such as this multiverse is merely a centripedal/”spiralic” tendency of a mass to sink as “low/slow” into the “meniscus” & hence towards that “low pressure” exoverse, ie, no requirement for an “infinite” mass to BE the universe, as the “tachyon” is still continually re-entering its own “soup” & transferring instantaneous speed for mass/energy+light as it spirals in like a bullet fired into a barrel of molassas, a “rainbow bridge” like a reverse (& quite faster, even though decelerating) sonic boom, before eventually re-trading new-gathered infinite mass etc for exoverse instantaneous speed once out of soup again, ie, a constant replacement of matter/energy+light, instantly.

…. & re black holes (as true zero volume singularities, not pseudo “black holes” of collapsed stars) as being akin to resonant quartz crystals, ie, as they are all EXACTLY the same then they are “really” the same singularity at different “times” (ie, “places in space”) & (also because of their “infinite” warping/”contracting” of space/time) they are “really” also in the same “place”, ie, as if the universe is a drop of “inside out” water, with the “meniscus” the gravitational “centre” that “holds it together”…. njoi. Billie.

* decay factors such as the “destruction” of matter when it intersects with the event horizons of subatomic zero or near zero-size “true” singularities, so that, whilst the actual singularity remains at zero-size, it’s “eaten” the gravity of the matter that is “destroyed” at its event horizon in an “accumulative” fashion, thus causing its overall gravity field to “expand” & its event horizon to be increasingly distant from the source singularity, (although that’s merely a “dimensional” lensing, ie, the black hole APPEARS larger in the light-speed&below “universe”, but it’s still ACTUALLY -&, relative to inverse square law- infintismal, sort of as if you were to “implode” only the menisus of a sphere of water in an area that had nowhere for the water to disperse, & where it’s constantly reforming meniscus keeps continuously imploding.