No Happy Endings Here, No Fairytale Chick Flick Sellout

“Sometimes I ask myself is it wrong to write a catchy tune? To write a song that just goes round and round your head the whole day! Cos that’s what ‘Ariel’ does. From nowhere you find yourself singing it and thinking… ‘where did I hear this?’ It’s catchy…catchy…catchy, but oh so classy. No messy diva moments, no melodramatic wannabe moments, but that doesn’t mean it hasn’t got soul. This song has soul by the bucketload and I love the space. I just love the weighted dynamics and Lily’s voice. Not one weak word, not one wasted lyric and it’s super tight”

Ariel Cover-Art

“Love it or loath it, just give it a listen and you’ll be hooked. Shades of Diana Ross mixed with Shania Twain and the production is understated yet so sympathetic to the song. It’s a classy timeless song. Just get it for the bass line (Roy Martinez) and listen to a great musician on top of his game and if world class pedal steel guitar is your cup of tea check out Lucky Oceans and his sensitive reading of the song .… no happy endings here, no fairytale chick flick sellout. It’s honest and soulful and worth the price of admission in itself”

John Young