“Tesla had a knack of being able to draw printed circuitry in his mind that worked, my forte is being able to totally rehabilitate this entire Planet, every last detail in my mind, all perfectly workable, TRULY Green”

Repairing The Planet: warning, “strong language disclaimer”, ie, if you are offended by cussing & sometimes vindictive (but never gratuitous) invective? then best you fuck off now… everyone else, ie, grown-ups, enjoy, the insults included are directed solely at those whom deserve them, everyone else may ignore them as they choose.

Tesla had a knack of being able to draw printed circuitry in his mind that worked, my forte is being able to totally rehabilitate this entire Planet, every last detail in my mind, all perfectly workable, TRULY Green, revivifying the deserts of the Planet as oasis after oasis producing more food than ten times the current population could use, more water than 100 times the current population could use, non-polluting power production, removal of current pollution & constructive recycling thereof, a Planet where you’r kids won’t be required to live in rabbit hutches run by pom slumlords, & yet you gormless fucktards can’t even get around to signing a simple petition to warn the scum looting the Planet that there’s a way to do things MUCH better for ALL Life on Earth than ANYTHING those greedtard arsewipes will EVER allow & to notify them that you’v better things to do than be their pit-corgis any longer… really, there are smarter monkeys stealing food from tourists in Thailand than the humans in oz, gee, nice plasma screen tv, make it yourself did ya? no? you merely dug some holes & someone GAVE you one? wow, you must feel so “special”.

(here we can begin to realize why govt & vested interests are deliberately stifling the immediate instigation of carbon fiber as the MAIN construction material, eg, the csiro has “put all its eggs in one basket” so to speak in it’s quest to further loot Australian resources via the mining industry, ie, it’s just spent a decade focusing on how to make $$$$$ from titanium/titanium powder etc, & carbon fiber, being cheaper in real terms, MUCH lighter & MUCH stronger, is quite the concern to them, in much the same way as diesel was a threat to the oil companies of the time. ps, all is not lost though oh csiro monkeys, your electron beam/titanium powder combo sounds like a GREAT way to 3D print machine/weapon components to me)


hmm, a thought, what would happen if you were to steam explode bamboo ro extract fiber bundles complete with lignine coating, then spun those fibers & the “knitted” a girder from the thread, & then, force all the oxygen from the gaps within that weave by 1st placing it in a sealed container & creating a vacuum within it, then forcing an inert gas such as krypton or neon through the “pre-girder” whilst also displacing any remaining oxygen from the chamber at the same time, then raising the temperature within the chamber, under pressure to “cook” the lignine/bamboo fiber girder into carbon fiber (already strong in every direction because of it having been a 3D solid woven mass “friction gripping” to its own fibrous structure PRE-carbonizing, as opposed to a “slippery” carbon fiber thread that needs oxidizing at the surface level in order to grip to the added resin later), then, POST-carbonizing, force the inert gas back out of the girder’s mesh by injecting the required resin to complete the process… i’m guessing you would form at least carbon fiber from those bamboo fibers-in-lignine, possibly even nano fibers within carbon fiber tubes from the lignine that was sheathing in them pre-cooking…(or, for “quick modular” substitute for timber in house frames etc., try make a baseball-sized sphere of carbon fiber, with 3 parallel holes through it in a triangular cornered vertical cross-section, slide 3 lengths of bamboo through until its in the middle of the length, then another such sphere every now-&-then along the length, & a join sphere at each end that the bamboo can butt into – & that the next 3 lengths of bamboo can join to also, either in same plane or at any other angle required, depending on where you position their seating holes – then stress – as with pre-stressed concrete wires – the internal length from end sphere to nearest mid-way sphere, then from the other side of that sphere to the next etc, until at the other end sphere, by lengths of carbon fiber thread that can be appropriately tensioned, the beam could be further strengthened by the inclusion of hollow pyramids of carbon fiber in an alternating up/down pattern within the 3 lengths of bamboo & between the spheres before applying the tensioning through the length via the carbon fiber thread/threads…

Apache James Trujillo: “Billy…. you are one smart Mother Fucker. I’m impressed”

Billie: “lotza reading, lotza walking, lotza “percolating”, lotza hard physical labor, cheers Senor”

Nikola Tesla vs Thomas Edison. Epic Rap Battles of History