Einstein Used His Mind To Visualize Mathematically

“….. forget “bosons”, mass is “illusion”…..”

“… Einstein used his MIND to VISUALIZE mathematically, much more accurate than chucking rocks at pebbles to see where they bounce to on an irregular surface, quantum physics is just the prop of inaccurate minds”
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“Women’s Intuition” Can Be Explained As Higher Intelligence

“they have faster, much more efficient brains than males, as, in an organic computer such as the brain, even a slight increase in volume leads to a much less efficient & innaccurate transmission of electrical current through that soupy sponge, in a hyperbolic rather than geometric exponential”
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“Simply Put, Billie Reid’s A Poet & He Motherfucking Knows It”

“This street walkin’ cheetah with a heart full of napalm has a lot to say about love, loss, and the state of the world at large”
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Billie Reid …. “i ain’t tired, i ain’t proud either”

“ … you braindead gormless corgi greedtard fuckups ….. can all go fuck your pathetic selves into some wimp “paradise” of soma & sopa, you are simply not worth my even giving the slightest inkling of the consideration of potentially maybe possibly even giving a half a flying fuck about, now go cry to your daddios you fucktard motherfucking hicks …. ”
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Australia Was A Paradise 40 000 Years Ago Until A Massive Bushfire Swept Through

“australia, was a FUCKING PARADISE – until about 20 to 40 thousand years ago – until a big bushfire went through the whole thing, and that’s why there’s no N.P.K or trace elements in the soil, because they’re normally replaced by the trees dropping leaves, and shedding bark ……. and the dead life-forms”

“when yank survey teams had geo’s out checking resources in the ’80’s, they found charred core samples at same age all over oz, including Great Barrier Reef, indication of 1 big fire”
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Mjölnir: Earths Trojan Asteroid

“Ball of Redemption” / “A Fiery Dragon” / “Star with Three Tails” / “Tornado of Fire” / “Fire dragging a trail of sparks” / “Bearded Star” / “Fire from Sky” / “The Great Star” / “Hail and Fire mixed with Blood” / “A White Horse, amid Flaming Fire” / “a Torch” / “Dragon’s Tail” / “Kalki, riding a White Horse wielding a comet-like Sword” / “Great Hail” / …… or MAYBE just a Trojan Asteroid!!
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