Fremantle Dockers FC …. “Greed Driven Whores”

Sacked!! I’ve come to an easy decision to sack you motherfuckers!! You guys, & the AFL, are nothing more than greed driven whores, & you can go & fuck yourselves! I’m not referring to the general staff there because I hear you guys are being paid a piss poor pittance, but more specifically those making the big decisions. You motherfukkas pay Fyfe $1.3 mil a season & yet, this season, you offer your subjects a $3 pie & a $5 voucher. You greedy fucking whores!! You suck the living shit out of Fremantle Council (in essence, THE FREMANTLE RATEPAYERS, AND SUPPORTERS!!!), & then bury them on the way out by SELLING back to them the very GIFT THEY GAVE YOU!! – to do with the lease of Fremantle Oval. That sums you greedy motherfukkas up & I can’t & won’t stand by & support such a greedy organisation. You stand for HARD CORE GREED, with zero integrity, & are perennial losers to boot. With all the shit us fans (& former fans) have been through, you’v never once offered us a free cap or scarf or offered the “Grand Final Upgrade” people a concession or whatever else. You greedy cocksukka’s are an embarrassment, & are now officially banished from my world.

You’re hitched to an organisation (AFL) that supports & promotes betting. We can’t watch a game without being bombarded with FUCKING BETTING ADVERTS. IT’S A GOD DAMN FUCKING DISGRACE!! ….. you should HANG YOUR HEADS IN SHAME!! Peoples lives & families are being ruined by betting …. & the AFL & you cocksuckers, are prime vehicles that promote & push it. That’s life hey!, well, you know what else is life? … you GREETARDS being SACKED (by me) & banished from my world.

I didn’t show up to the last 6 Freo games (left my seats empty) & haven’t watched an AFL match since the Freo vs Coll game …. & I’M LIBERATED!! I am so damn happy with my decision to dump AFL football & more specifically you greedy cocksuckers!! I’m getting extreme satisfaction from dumping you whores before you get to “ban” me because of this email. I GOT YA’S FIRST!! YIPPEE KI-YAY MOTHERFUCKERS!! Good riddance you GREED DRIVEN WHORES!! ADIOS FUCKTARDS!!

D J. Halifax

City & Dockers Agree to Fremantle Oval Lease Deal

“Troughs Of Bucket’o’Burgers For Being Arse-Licking Corgis”

“means y’all get to live on this side of the “tear along the dotted lines” ….. serves ya right ya greedy fks”
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Carbon Fiber v Titanium Steel …. Do The Fuckn’ Math!!

“….carbon fiber is not only STRONGER than titanium steel (cubic meter = 4.506 TONNES, Cost, pure: about $6.1 per 100g) but it (carbon fiber) is SO MUCH Stronger & lighter than Titanium Steel that an elevator cable of carbon fiber could be hung from a geo-stationary earth orbiting satellite TO the Earth and run a fkn ELEVATOR into SPACE from the ground, with mega-strength left over to haul machinery/passengers, that’s fkn STRONG”

(Warning, “strong language disclaimer”, ie, if you are offended by cussing & sometimes vindictive (but never gratuitous) invective? then best you fuck off now … everyone else, ie, grown-ups, enjoy, the insults included are directed solely at those whom deserve them, everyone else may ignore them as they choose)
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“& don’t forget #fluorides “cousin” #chlorine …. it rots you from within”

“…… oh, & something else they don’t mention about fluoride, chlorine, or the other elements in that group on the periodic table, eg, bromine, iodine, ie, that they rank among the most highly reactive elements, forming many & varied (& ALSO often poisonous) compounds when in contact with virtually any other element or compound …..”
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Don’t Fuck With The Powers That Be Or We’ll Nail You To A Tree

“….. maybe the xtians might also consider questioning why the SUPERSEDED old testament still runs their “moral” & legal systems in the west .… the new testament was a REPLACEMENT, not a fkn “yearbook addendum”, even if, when ya cut thru the gobshite fairy-tale bit”
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Einstein Used His Mind To Visualize Mathematically

“….. forget “bosons”, mass is “illusion”…..”

“… Einstein used his MIND to VISUALIZE mathematically, much more accurate than chucking rocks at pebbles to see where they bounce to on an irregular surface, quantum physics is just the prop of inaccurate minds”
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“…that periodic table “group 7” really cuts sick on the volatility scales”

“never seen mentioned, why, when fluoride is provably cumulative & stored in soft tissue, & fluoridated water is used to “grow” beef/sheep/pigs/chickens/fish etc. in captivity, are people hogging out on corpse too stupid to apply the same “food chain mechanics” to fluoride as they do to mercury ….hmm i guess the fluoride must be working”
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re lichen / bacteria, “water bears” etc …

“…. drop some ice-teroids onto empty deserts, quick-tarp’m, or aim’m into pre-dug pits to quick-tarp & oasis from, chuck retro’s on hollow-able seal-able asteroids & start tipping them into remotest geosynchronous orbit as stepping stones away from island earth, grow lichen on exteriors, bubble-wrap style for aforementioned oxygen/hydrogen producers etc ….”
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“Go Guzzle Another Bucket Ov Deep Fried 3rd World Babies”

“….. to ensure the continued survival ov said royals in at least the south ov korea, so that ‘er madge could pop’round for a spot ov croquet and an occasional hanging and such, you sicken me you weak souled gutless sycophants, every last muthafukkn one ov yz, so go guzzle another bucket ov deep fried 3rd world babies and wave your arse wipe flags”
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“CAPILLARY ACTION fucktards!!”

“CAPILLARY ACTION fucktards, in both the soil acting as a climbing wick from the water in the base, & the veins of the plant itself, THAT’S what moves water from lake eyre & its dry rivers once you siphon ocean to them, aided ALSO by capillary action in existing plants there, & their faster growth & more successful propagation once they HAVE more water, ps, osmotic filtration”
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“You’re brainwashed into having a gut filled with rotting corpse”

“you continue to eat it BECAUSE it kills you, ie, you’r brainwashed into having a gut filled with rotting corpse because you die soon after if not prior to retirement age”
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“Simply Put, Billie Reid’s A Poet & He Motherfucking Knows It”

“This street walkin’ cheetah with a heart full of napalm has a lot to say about love, loss, and the state of the world at large”
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Animal Farm: “…”Napoleon the Pig” is based on Winston Churchill not Stalin”

‪”George Orwell did NOT like Winston Churchill, but he DID like the Russians. He was pretty much a heavy, well, more Communist than Socialist, but definitely Socialist …. NAPOLEON, the ‘evil pig’, TOTALLY resembles Winston Churchill a HELL of a lot more than he does Stalin”‬ Billie Reid
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Truth be told, you continue to decimate your own bio-sphere

“a few dozen “cuss” words & invective here&there are a lot less damaging to both you & your pweshus flop-eared lard-arsed progeny’s delicate sensibilities than, oh, forcing them to breath poison air, drink poisonous water, or exist in greedtard slavery to the almighty bucket’o’burger whilst y’all “turn blind eyes” & “work fo’d’massa” & continue to decimate your own (& everyone elses’) Bio-Sphere”
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