Nano Vacuum Valves …. “aint1step back, if it’z2stepz 4wrd”

“aint1step back, if it’z2stepz 4wrd”

Single-Atom Transistor Built With Precise Control

Seeking to keep Moore’s Law on pace, researchers have developed a repeatable technique for assembling a single-atom version of the transistor–the building block of semiconductors and computers.

Researchers are getting down to the atomic level in the pursuit of smaller and more powerful computers. The University of New South Wales in Australia today announced it has made a single-atom transistor using a repeatable method, a development that could lead to computing devices that use these tiny building blocks.

re “1atom transistors”, instead, why not try “aint1step back, if it’z2stepz 4wrd” & make nanoVacuumValves streaming 1electron, 4a start, valvez work BETTER @ high temp, +nanoVacuum GOTTA be EZ 2make? ….& structural strength ov a valve tube @ nanometric dimensionz would be fkn awesome high, especially if small enough 2 only allow 4 amplitude ov 1 electron/positron, might finally get my better than gallium chip/mainboard wristwatch micro-miniature super-beast pc action on…..

maybe use carbon nano-tubing???