Slaves, Replacement Technology & The Neutron Bomb

Promises thru’ the ages, utopia to come
Keep on working for us, we’ll let you have some

Soon we’ll have machinery, on which you can resign
Androids that make androids, that fish, farm, build and mine

And all the populations, in every place in every land
Will never have to work again, will never have to stand

At least that’s what they tell you, those bastards on the hills
The ones that own the shelters, the ones with light that kills

And so they keep on sayin’, utopia for everyone
Keep on doing our dirty work, diggin’ up the sun

But now they’ve got their clean bombs, that kill but don’t hurt steel
And once they’ve got those robots, that light’s the last you’ll feel

Because you’re at ground zero, and that’s just where you’ll lay
‘Cause in giving them your skills and labour, you’re handing your lives away

And when the earths been sterilised, and the radiation fades away
They’ll come back out to the sunlight, and give their kids the new day

Don’t call me too presumptuous, at least not to my face
‘Cause from where they see it baby, its called ‘winning the human race’

So keep on toiling as they, for that techno-breakthrough bait
They’ve held their forts for centuries, millennium can wait …
millennium can wait. millennium can wait. millennium can wait.