My Love

I’ve been dreaming about you
Every time I close my eyes
Dreaming about you baby
Doesn’t come as no surprise
When I think of the way you dance around
I can almost taste you runnin’ wild
If I catch you with both feet on the ground
Gonna knock you off them baby
Gonna make you twist and shout
Gonna wrap my arms around you
And show you what my love’s all about

I’ve been waking lonely baby
Thoughts of you all through my head
Shaking off the last of last night’s dreams
Dreams that leave me sweating in my bed
Can you hear me calling out to you
As you lay there sleeping all alone
Is there anything that I can do
To make you come to me girl
To melt the ice from ’round your heart
To turn your thoughts to me now
To show you what my love’s all about

I cant get you off my mind
Every day and every night
You’re there in the darkness baby
You’re there when I turn on the light
Do I really need to be with you
Is it just a sex attraction
Am I a fool or do you feel it too
I’m gonna start the action
I’m gonna make you throw away your doubts
And teach you satisfaction
And show you what my love’s all about

I’ve been thinking about you
Every night and every day
Can smell your perfume honey
When I think of you that way
If I ever get to have my way
You will be with me all the time
All I really want to say is
I’m gonna love you darling
I’m gonna sort your feelings out
You’re a shadow puppet theatre
I’m a fighter going one last bout
When I show you what my love’s all about