It’s Not Fair

It’s not fair
It’s not right
I need you baby
Here with me tonight
So all alone
Can’t put my arms around you
Can’t even reach you on the phone
‘Cause y’r gone
Gone away
I couldn’t find the words to keep you
Couldn’t do the things to make you stay
I’m like death
Numbed and depressed
Thought you’d seen the real me
Seen that I wasn’t at my best
It’s you I love
You that I crave
Without you I’m a vampire
In the sun without a grave
I’m burned
I’ve learned
That loving is my forever
Even though y’r tide has turned
I’ll live
I’ll just be dead
On the inside I’m a zombie
Without a heart, I’ll use my head
You are the first
In oh-so-long
To make me hurt like love like innocence
I’ll love you in my song…
To make me hurt like love-like innocence
I’ll love you in my song