“Demon Street”

I had me the prettiest lover, prettiest lover in the land
Ah she was the girl of another, and I could not win her hand
Ah but she would’ve been my woman, I’d’ve grown her up so sweet
But all I had to offer her was a house on demon street

But when we was layin’ together, lord it felt like she was mine
But she was only lyin’ when we treated us so fine
So I threw my hat down on the floor, and I left her there with him
Said I’m not about to waste my life on someone else’s whim
Ah she was the prettiest lover, and I still love her so true
an’ I guess this hurt that’s twisting me ain’t nothin’ ‘specially new ain’t nothin’ ‘specially new

But if I could hold her one more time I’d drive him from her head
I’d take her from security, that tombstone for the dead, that tombstone for the dead
And then I think back an’ remember, how something in me died
How something went forever, when I found out she had lied
True love ain’t built on lies, I ain’t got no time for lies