“Morbid Obesity Quest To Be The Fattest Livestock On The Planet”

“……. darwin awards should be nailed to the skulls of each & every one of you”‬

actually, i think y’all that “benefit” (lolz) from the destruction of the Eco-System, in particular the cutting down of Trees & Rainforests to “grow” more beef or to eat the mcBucket’o’burgers therefrom, should be forced, at gunpoint if required, to ingest MUCH higher quantities of wood-pulp cellulose than the mere 30% already in your “food”, at least you’l be getting it back into the ground faster as fertilizer for more Trees to grow from…oh, wait, no you won’t, because you’r not only so fucking stupid as to cut your Planets Trees down in order to assist you in your morbid obesity quest to be the fattest livestock on the Planet, you’r ALSO so fucking stupid that you pour your shit into the oceans along with giga-liters of fresh-water instead of into settling ponds to compost in the desert heat, really, darwin awards should be nailed to the skulls of each & every one of you, you obviously don’t have any brains worth worrying about in them anyway.‬

You’re Eating Wood, Ammonia & Arsenic | Brainwash Update: Abby Martin looks into five of the craziest foods Americans are misled into purchasing, from wood in cereal, to arsenic in chicken, the findings might surprise you.

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