“Lords & Fkn Ladies One & All Can Lick My Scrote”

“Don’t vote, (that’z one good thang the yanks managed to keep in their constitution when poms bankrupted them & took over usa, ie, have to be born in usa to be prez thereof, the election’s like a war of the roses between a cupla warring wiccan clans, not surprised they’ve rereleased mary poppins (or with ben cousins at first night should that be “merry poppings”?), gillard’s a fkn xxxxxxxxx (stupor-nanny?) in my opinion, & abbot a pussywhipped chimp, still, they just a cupla shills newayz, not even believable evn WITH the blatantly unsubtle subliminal campaigne brainwashing,


(nah, it’s not subliminals, they’re illegal, it’s all in plain view, just like those tests where no-one in the group watching the footage of the crew walking around in a room even notice the dude in the gorrilla suit wander onscreen, walk around with the rest, stand in front of them & do a tapdance, ie, people are dumbfux en masse, but the fluoride ain’t helping them), i spent decades walking around Australia, met crew from all over the place, nae a problem, last few years ya can’t even walk around for pleasure without some wet behind the ears thug in blue searching ya just for being out after fkn dark, neither party gonna do anythang but worsen that scenario, they co-tow more & more to la roucheian fascism, scared old greedtards mounting “hate your evil children” panic campaigns to steal the grey vote, if i wanted to live in a pom nursery i’d be back in belfast watching pom tanks shell my house & fully armed & armoured pom military stormtrooping around the streets shooting 7 year olds for throwing rocks at the tanks, oz now is like belfast just before that, prefer oz personally …

…. if oz simply ran tubes from ocean to salt lakes, fk, inland mostly below sealevel already, ya could fill the inland seas again with fkn siphons & solar steam engines, guessing if it ain’t done quicksmart then someone’s gonna say, fk you ozzie, head in sand too long, we wanna DO SOMETHING with this farm that don’t involve pretending we’re landed gentry in the old fkn country…like maybe feed the 3rd world for starters, newayz, predicted (& mentioned to crew) that gillard was doing the dirty on rudd a few days before the wiccans ceremonially “castrated the king”, now, the chamberlain becomes clearer, they always blood a stone before building on it, lords&fkn ladies one & all can lick my scrote, oz iz last chance humans get to shrug those leeches, njoi” Billie