Fremantle Dockers FC …. “Greed Driven Whores”

Sacked!! I’ve come to an easy decision to sack you motherfuckers!! You guys, & the AFL, are nothing more than greed driven whores, & you can go & fuck yourselves! I’m not referring to the general staff there because I hear you guys are being paid a piss poor pittance, but more specifically those making the big decisions. You motherfukkas pay Fyfe $1.3 mil a season & yet, this season, you offer your subjects a $3 pie & a $5 voucher. You greedy fucking whores!! You suck the living shit out of Fremantle Council (in essence, THE FREMANTLE RATEPAYERS, AND SUPPORTERS!!!), & then bury them on the way out by SELLING back to them the very GIFT THEY GAVE YOU!! – to do with the lease of Fremantle Oval. That sums you greedy motherfukkas up & I can’t & won’t stand by & support such a greedy organisation. You stand for HARD CORE GREED, with zero integrity, & are perennial losers to boot. With all the shit us fans (& former fans) have been through, you’v never once offered us a free cap or scarf or offered the “Grand Final Upgrade” people a concession or whatever else. You greedy cocksukka’s are an embarrassment, & are now officially banished from my world.

You’re hitched to an organisation (AFL) that supports & promotes betting. We can’t watch a game without being bombarded with FUCKING BETTING ADVERTS. IT’S A GOD DAMN FUCKING DISGRACE!! ….. you should HANG YOUR HEADS IN SHAME!! Peoples lives & families are being ruined by betting …. & the AFL & you cocksuckers, are prime vehicles that promote & push it. That’s life hey!, well, you know what else is life? … you GREETARDS being SACKED (by me) & banished from my world.

I didn’t show up to the last 6 Freo games (left my seats empty) & haven’t watched an AFL match since the Freo vs Coll game …. & I’M LIBERATED!! I am so damn happy with my decision to dump AFL football & more specifically you greedy cocksuckers!! I’m getting extreme satisfaction from dumping you whores before you get to “ban” me because of this email. I GOT YA’S FIRST!! YIPPEE KI-YAY MOTHERFUCKERS!! Good riddance you GREED DRIVEN WHORES!! ADIOS FUCKTARDS!!

D J. Halifax

City & Dockers Agree to Fremantle Oval Lease Deal