“……oh & a hot cup of gas-field fracking residue water too”

“fracking” is the “lite” version of “under-atoll nuclear testing”, it makes it easier to find more oil/gas…. unlike massive undersea-atoll nuke blasts tho, it doesn’t have 2crack the seabed to let traces of oil float (thus narrowing search area & saving $), it merely has2 let vapour escape 4″sniffers”.

Everyone seems to ignore that if fracking causes earthquakes then wtf do they think underground/under-atoll nuclear tests in the most volcanically & seismically unstable parts of the Planet (eg, Pacific ring of fire, usa deserts just in from california’s san andreas fault-line, & Iraq on the active edge of the Arabian tectonic plate, etc.) do. I’d guess usa has been making up excuses to bomb since ww2, to try relieve pressure buildup under yellowstone super-caldera before it wipes them out.

Fracking Itself Is Not The Cause Of Contaminated Water According To New Report

Last year, a group of scientists discovered that people in Pennsylvania living close to fracking sites had high levels of methane in their drinking water. The study published last year showed that people living within a mile of a site had methane levels in wells that were six times higher than those who lived farther away. At the time, many believed that fracking was the cause of the contamination, though the scientists said they could not determine the source.

“….. yeah, & of course the fact that they only leak after fracking is a “coincidence” ….. “

Ode To The Dudes

Alarming Presence Of Radioactivity Found By Pennsylvania Wastewater Study

“Researchers have found high levels of radioactivity, salts, and metals in water and sediment located downstream from a treatment facility which processes fracking wastewater from oil and gas production sites in Pennsylvania’s Marcellus shale formation.

A Duke University team analyzed water and sediment samples from the Josephine Brine Treatment Facility in Indiana County, Pennsylvania, finding radium levels 200 times greater than samples taken upstream from the plant and far higher than what’s allowed under the Clean Water Act.

Radium is a radioactive metal that can cause diseases like leukemia and other ill-health effects if one is exposed to large amounts over time.

The treatment facility processes flowback water – highly saline and radioactive wastewater that resurfaces from underground after being injected into rocks in the fracking, or hydraulic fracturing, process.

Fracking is the extraction of oil and gas by injecting water to break rock formations deep underground. Use of the process has increased rapidly in the US in recent years, yet scientists who have studied the practice warn of climate-damaging methane emissions and radioactive effects that come with it…..

….Some fracking wastewater is shipped by oil and gas companies to treatment plants like Brine to be processed and released into waterways. But most wastewater is reused for more fracking, Lisa Kasianowitz, an information specialist at the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection, told ClimateCentral.org.

oh, & have a nice glass of, or a hot cuppa gas fields FRACKING residue water TOO [in reference to areas in usa where fracking effects included large numbers of local residents being able to literally set fire to the outflow from their household cold water taps with a match, yay fracking]

Global Frackdown Day: World Unites to Protect Environment & Health

​Marching across the world to inspire actions on the ecological crisis, thousands of anti-fracking activists in over a dozen countries united against what they call dirty energy technology, which contaminates groundwater and causes health problems.

Over 250 events across all continents are taking place as part of the Global Frackdown day, organized to target fracking, a technique used to extract hydrocarbons by pumping pressurized chemicals underground. [October 11th 2014]

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