#Fluoride #Chlorine: “reacts noxiously with most elements on the periodic table & rots you from the inside”

“THAT is the main DANGER with fluoride. (& chlorine, iodine, bromide, all of which the english have at one time or another & still add to the populations’ of their peasantry’s & the peasantry’s of their colonies/”ex”-colonies’ drinking water.)”

“FLOURIDE, well it makes your teeth and bones REALLY HARD but what it does, in the long term, is it actually WEAKENS them by making them more BRITTLE as well. Because what it does is IT ACTUALLY DISSOLVES the CALSATES [calcium] out of them, and from your BONE STRUCTURE as well, it’s a process called FLOUROSIS. You don’t notice it as much in the short term. You get a tooth paste to fill up the holes to prevent the cold air on the nerves, right, special sensodyne whatever …. but you don’t notice it as much in your BONE STRUCTURE because they’re VERY RARELY STICKING OUT OF YOUR FLESH …. unless your into BMX …. ha ha! …. or your old and you SLIP IN THE KITCHEN. That’s another thing, I don’t remember any of the old crew in Busselton EVER slipping over and breaking their hip. Old Stan XXXXX, who WAS NEARLY HUNDRED, at the time, who lived over the road from us, got BOUNCED off the bonnet of a car, because he’s a bit vague sometimes, and he cut across the highway, got hit and went FLYING up in the air, he came down and HE WAS UNCONSCIOUS, got up a few minutes later ….. not a BROKEN BONE”

it’s not the tiny amount you drink that’s the problem, ie, everytime you swim or bathe or shower in it you absorb the cumulative poison fluoride (& chlorine, that rots lung tissue, & ALSO accumulates in soft tissue such as lungs, breathe dip whilst you swim kiddies, & whilst you shower after a work-out too) transdermally into soft tissue & bones where it then builds up, on top of that, like other cumulative poisons (eg, mercury) it builds up in the food chain, ie, every time you water your vege garden, or an urban hen “farm” providing fast “food” franchises with chicken corpse or eggs (& many rural farms also, fluoride is also found in groundwater in many areas anyway now, so beef, pork, mutton, milk, grain etc. also) you get an even higher dose, ie, the higher up the food chain you are the more fluoride you get, THAT is the danger, & “strangely” is never mentioned by “authorities”, another thing they neglect to mention is that group 7 of the periodic table (chlorine, fluorine, bromine, iodine etc.), are also highly reactive, ie, they react with many other elements & chemicals that occur naturally in water, mostly in a toxic manner, & even more-so when heated/boiled. THAT is the main DANGER with fluoride. (& chlorine, iodine, bromide, all of which the english have at one time or another & still add to the populations’ of their peasantry’s & the peasantry’s of their colonies/”ex”-colonies’ drinking water.)

Fluoridation in Australia Wikipedia: Water fluoridation was introduced in Western Australia in Perth in 1968, and is regulated by the Fluoridation of Public Water Supplies Act 1966. As of 2012, around 92% of the population is provided with fluoridated water through a drinking water supply. An exception exists in the Busselton, Vasse and Wonnerup townsites (approximately 20,000 residents), where fluoride is not artificially added to the water because it has naturally occurring fluoride. Proposals for the addition of fluoride to a public water supply or matters relating to the Act and its administration are dealt with by the Advisory Committee for the Fluoridation of Public Water Supplies.

Ahh, fluoride, I’ve never really seen anything about it on the brain side of things apart from the fact that it does make you a bit stuporous …. IT IS ONE OF THE MAIN INGREDIENTS IN PROZAC basically …. in fact IT IS the main ingredient in Prozac, and [is used to make] SARIN GAS [nerve agent ….The Germans also used fluoride in the water in POW camps, because it reduces humans desires to be rebellious] …. AND it was, & may well still be, used as a RAT POISON [in both Australia and England] …. so it’s not good from that point of view either. IT’S FAR FROM A STABLE SUBSTANCE. It’s also CUMULATIVE, and stays in your system, [and in the food chain] and just builds up over time. And IS ALSO ONE OF THE MOST HIGHLY REACTIVE ELEMENTS on the periodic table [the actual fluorine itself] …. and reacts with PRETTY MUCH EVERYTHING …. Bromine, iodine, fluorine, and a couple of NASTY RADIOACTIVE ones …. I’m pretty sure they know ASTATINE is radioactive, and I think about two years ago they thought, briefly, that they discovered that [the super-heavy artificial chemical element] UNUNSEPTIUM is also radioactive.

“THEY’RE FINDING LARGE AMOUNTS OF PROZAC IN THE GROUND WATER IN ENGLAND. They are trying to say it’s from peoples urine but there SEEMS TO BE A LOT OF IT! And considering the body breaks it down naturally, it’s hard to conclude this. It is possible that it COULD BE SELF CREATING, from interacting with the minerals around it, BUT THAT’S UNLIKELY”

[The official story was that prozac was being urinated/excreted by the masses & thus entering environment via sewers, i think it’s much more likely that they’v probably added it directly to the peasantry’s drinks/nosh as a fluoride “upgrade”, a “soma” to “better control the rabble” (maybe it works better with digital fps tv, as fluoride went well with German stroboscopic tv broadcasting pre Logie-Baird cathode tube tv – numb AND brainwash them – & that transylvanian “ruling class” have always loved “enthralling” them where possible), or maybe (facetious sf version) the highly reactive fluorine already present in their water as fluoride is randomly creating purest prozac by it’s interactions with its surrounds as it wends its way through bodies & eco-system (unlikely)]

CHLORINE is the same. It’s all very well not drinking chlorinated water, and all that, but if your swimming in it and showering in it …. CHLORINE NEVER LEAVES YOUR LUNGS ONCE IT’S IN THERE. It’s always in there. So if your breathing it nice and deep …. IT ROTS YOU FROM THE INSIDE. [In 2012 Busselton started adding chlorine to the water supply]. And the government DOESN’T MENTION THIS. It’s ALSO one of the most highly reactive groups in the periodic table, also REACTING WITH PRETTY MUCH EVERY OTHER ELEMENT, as I mentioned …. iodine, bromine, fluorine (which is what fluoride is made of) … and it REACTS NOXIOUSLY with most of these elements. Even if it’s in cold water, let alone if you are cooking in it. That’s why it’s best to go for the non chlorinated water.


The only way [to get it out of your lungs] would be to get in there is with a tiny tiny vacuum cleaner …. but it is actually a gas …. and stays as a gas form and OBVIOUSLY REACTS WITH OTHER THINGS IN YOUR LUNGS. Fluoride is absorbed both into your soft and hard tissue, which is why it ROTS YOUR BONES and ROTS YOUR FLESH as well and gives you basically fluorosis. And it also GETS into your food chain. You water your plants and paddocks with it, it’s getting into the veggies that are growing, and the animals are eating them, the livestock are eating them and it gets higher and higher up the food chain. It’s like MERCURY POISONING in fish and sharks …. that sort of thing. It might not seem to affect you that much at the time, but again, IT’S CUMULATIVE, and you are getting an increased dose when eating something that has also eaten it. That’s why they tell people to try and avoid eating shark and other large fish.

Anti-GMO Foods and Fluoridated Water

This [FaceBook] page is PRIMARILY about Genetically Engineered (GMO) Foods and the existence of Fluoridated Water. [They] do cover Chemical Pollution from time to time and other miscellaneous subjects that may or may not relate to the 3 subjects (Earth, Water, and Air). [They] also discuss the negative effects of MSG, Aspartame, RBST, Chloramine, BPA, and More. [They] are not against Sodium Fluoride in Toothpaste, we are against Sodium Fluoride in our Water Supply. Those who do not know or care to know about Sodium Fluoride will consume it. With Toothpaste, they know NOT to swallow, because it is LABELED. And those who know about Sodium Fluoride in a market that still allows Fluoride in Toothpaste has the option of going Fluoride Free. It’s about CHOICE. If you want to add sodium fluoride to our water supply, inform us with the TRUTH. “But I want to let you know, I don’t even want .1 mg/l in my water unless its natural Calcium Fluoride”

What is GMO Food?

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