You ‪Fucktards‬ Deserve Darwin Awards

English Economic Policy, ie, breed up, sWARm, murder Peoples, steal their shit & lie about it.

Uh, & NOW y’all have a reason to worry about terrorists, your (2nd in a row) £10pom prime minister handed y’all on a platter as decoys for the poms (again, ie, galipolli anyone…), no wonder he raised the terror alert status to high, btw, ain’t he some kinda xtian? Coulda sworn they have that “turn the other cheek” “thou shalt not kill” thang there, or is it superceded by pom transit of venus saxon wicca’s “murder, rape, pillage & eat the corpse” gobshite, either that or i’ve just missed every time i’ve read their tome the bit where it must say “murder, rape, pillage for jesus’s oil”, still, nothing like a good old-fashioned peasant-culling when technology makes more than a certain % of y’all redundant, i mean all those fake, unrequired “make work” pretend jobs, they really eat into the ceo’s fashionable yachts funds y’know, & what if ol’cholmondely-chumley—ffffforbes-fforbes-cholmondely has a prettier polo pony this week, oh, the mortification he’d have to shoulder, you could bottle it… ie, gear up suckers, “your services are no longer required”, don’t fret though lads, the poms’l send out some boatloads of their 4fs to “look after” your gals whilst your out getting slaughtered helping poms loot People, in that traditional (ie, with brute force & ignorance) implementation of English Economic Policy, ie, breed up, sWARm, murder Peoples, steal their shit & lie about it, ie, piracy, still, it’s ever so good for the roses, all that blood&bone, especially the fair-rose. ie, you fucktards DESERVE Darwin Awards.

Ode To The Dudes

Australia to deploy 600 troops, fighter jets to help battle Islamic State – PM

Australia is set to deploy hundreds of troops against Islamic State militants in Iraq. The task force, which will include Special Forces military advisors and assault jets, will be stationed in UAE as part of a “humanitarian operation.”

Five years after the complete withdrawal of Australian troops from Iraq in July 2009, Australia’s Prime Minister Tony Abbott announced that the country’s military would be returning to the Middle East, this time to help defeat militants from the Islamic State, formerly known as the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIS / ISIL). The decision was preceded by a formal request for help from the government of new Iraqi prime minister Haider al-Abadi, as well as from the United States, which has already “declared war” on Islamic State.

“It is right for Australia to do what it prudently and proportionately can to support international efforts to prevent the spread of ISIL, roll back its gains and alleviate suffering in Iraq,” Abbott said in Darwin after meeting with the Cabinet and the National Security Committee earlier Sunday, where the decision on sending troops to the Middle East was taken.

It was the beheading of British aid worker David Haines by an Islamic State militant that has finally compelled the Australian authorities to make the decision, said Australia’s PM. He added that this act of terror “should make all of us more resolved than ever to do whatever we reasonably can to disrupt, degrade and if possible destroy this movement.”