China is England’s Bi@ch

I’m not usually prone to schadenfreude, but when western nations that for centuries & still today base their “economies” almost exclusively on looting other Countries at gun-point, massive destruction of Environment, & wholesale slaughter of other Species AND other Humans to “get rich quick” (whilst they also sanctimoniously & hypocritically preach their “xtianity” to all & sundry WHILST they rape, murder & loot them at gun-point) finally get castrated, i can’t help but chuckle & gloat at their long-deserved demise.

“…. a US debt default could hit on Thursday, and world leaders are second guessing the dominant role America plays in finance. Regardless of the final decision in Washington, confidence and credibility in the US has already eroded.

In an editorial published by the Chinese state-owned press agency Xinhua, a columnist says the US economy has ‘failed’ and put many countries who hold state assets in dollars, at risk.

“To that end, several corner stones should be laid to underpin a de-Americanized world,” the editorial read.

Last week China, the biggest US creditor, started to make preparations for a technical default on loans. The European Central Bank and the People’s Bank of China (PBC) have agreed to start supplying each other with their currencies, avoiding the dollar as an intermediary currency. The currency swap agreement will last for three years and provide a maximum of 350 billion Yuan ($56 billion) to the ECB and 45 billion euro ($60.8 billion) to the PBC.

In a further sign of growing distrust, China introduced a so-called “haircut”, or a discount, on the value of US Treasuries held as collateral against futures trades ….”

Losing faith: Global financiers look to de-Americanize

A US debt default could hit on Thursday, and world leaders are second guessing the dominant role America plays in finance. Regardless of the final decision in Washington, confidence and credibility in the US has already eroded.

Anyone else see the similarity to this report on the obssequious brown-nosing & sucking-up by the poms to China, & the “South Park” episodes where cartman (in his super-hero identity ‘the coon’) slimes & crawls & minces up to “demon elder god Cthullu” to try to use Cthullu to “enforce his awtharrrritttaaaaayyyy!!!!”…

“… thus, the British chancellor revealed that Chinese tourists and businessmen will be able to apply for a UK visa using the same form as the EU’s Schengen zone. Under present rules the Chinese are required to fill out a separate application and have their fingerprints taken…

… meaning, in sasenach english forktongues, “we no longer require your fingerprints, there will be enough dna where you’v signed the form to allow us to frame you at any fortuitous time”,,, ie, i’d suggest that any Chinese signing such forms invest in one of those mechanical ‘gears & levers’ motion transfer devices, so they can sign the paper from the room next door, or the next city so as to NOT give the shyster english ANY such opportunities, in fact i’d advise the Chinese to offer the english ZERO $z & ZERO chances to instigate any more of their global terrorist agendas, ie, let them drown in their own debt, as Karma from basing their entire economy for the past 2000 years on murdering People & looting their corpses…

The Brits will also introduce a fast 24 hour ‘super priority’ service from next summer and a VIP mobile visa service, already operating in Beijing and Shanghai, will potentially be expanded to the whole of China.

George Osborne told an audience of students in Beijing that there would be “no limit” to the number tourists, students and business leaders from China allowed into Britain. He added that a influx of Chinese tourists would be “fantastic” for the British hotel industry…

… He then talked of Harry Potter as proof of the “cultural interpretation” between China and the UK, as the first person Harry Potter kisses is a Cho Chang, a Chinese student at Hogwarts school…

… or, to translate sasenach forktonguese, “china is england’s bi@ch”.

… Britain, it seems, needs China more than China needs Britain and is very much open for business, especially if you’re rich…

Translated = “the english – aka ‘fat-boy cartman’ as ‘the coon’ mincing – around on & kneading the shoulders of ‘Cthullu’ China that – now that the poms attack corgi the usa is ‘a bit strapped for cash’ & unable to loot Syria for the english as planned – they hope to use as their ‘New Giant’, ie, the sneaky sassenach english snakes wish to seduce & harness China’s military & financial strength to their yoke to continue their attempted world take-over bid (before of course going all ‘jack the giant killer’ on THAT ‘machine’ once they’v achieved their aim…

Ben Harris Quinney, chairman of the Bow Group think-tank, told RT the the new approach by Britain is much more realistic.

“It’s a fascinating rebalancing of our approach to China from a government point of view, changing to be what I perceive to be far more realistic approach. George Osborne has been out in China lecturing the British about why they need to change their attitudes to China, as opposed to our prior position of often lecturing the Chinese on human rights abuses,” he said…

… &, more sasenach forktonguese – apart from the blatant ‘Bow’ double-speak homonym of ‘robin hood’ reference AND the obsequious ‘bow & scrape & defer’ methodology of the english setting up to scam someone. – ie, “…in China lecturing the british…” doesn’t mean “lecturing the british in britain”, it means “waking the ex-pat & corgi sleepers in China”.

Britain woos China: New visa rules, Harry Potter’s gal and ‘communist’ bicycles.

On a charm offensive in China designed to lure Chinese investment into the UK, Chancellor George Osborne announced new visa rules for Chinese tourists while London Mayor Boris Johnson paraded UK fiction and London cycles.

Seems to me that the entire “us default” is no more than a scam cooked up by anglos to cast doubt on the usa government’s financial worth/usa $, in order that their creditors such as China are forced to cover costs by offloading their us bonds etc. at “fire-sale” prices, at which time the REAL power in usa/england will purchase them (via shills & go-betweens & puppets & companies owned by companies owned by companies owned by companies that their wife’s nephew’s wife’s sister’s son’s cousin “owns” etc. of course) at half the price that they initially sold them (via their puppets in government) for, what “arfur daly” would refer to as “a nice little earner”, basically a large-scale version of corgi john howard selling shares in telstra to mainly upper middle “class” punters that avoided paying taxes in the 1st place towards the initial instigation of the old “telecom”, & who end up owning not only most of the 49% “public” float of shares therein, but also collect the wages as the hierarchy & members of the board thereof, ie, a fucking scam, nothing but an insider trading market rort implemented & maintained by the family behind BOTH main usa parties, ie, the sasenach xenophobic oil-thieving relatives of the xenophobic oil-thief winnie “the poohbah” churchill ..

Plan B: Central banks getting ready for financial Armageddon.

If the US debt-ceiling debate goes past the eleventh hour, and the default of the world’s largest economy becomes a reality, leading central banks around the world are gearing up to minimize losses and keep the world economy functioning.

Yep, those sasenach english slime-balls simply can’t brown-nose Russia & China enough whilst they attempt to lull those “non-western” powers into a (or so they “think”) false sense of security with their “we english come in peace & only want what’s best for Syria” etc. spin-doctoring facade, they deserve a logie (or does nobel offer something for that too?) for “obsequious crawling sneaky ‘grimer forktongued’ motherfuckers of the year” on the world stage…

UK Lord nominates Putin for Nobel Peace Prize over Syria plan.

Lord Truscott, a member of the UK’s House of Lords, has nominated President Vladimir Putin for the Nobel Peace Prize for his plan to scrap Syrian chemical weapons. This prevented the escalation of the conflict and will “save thousands of lives”.

They simply can’t get their snouts far enough quick enough up China’s butt-crack, obviously trying to steal from China, pretty blatantly at that, no doubt to try scamming Hong Kong “back” from China, i really hope China is laughing behind their back at their smarmy crawling & “flirty” suck-holing & that China is actually just waiting for the perfect moment to nuke them (financially of course…) into destitute oblivion, the sasenach english sneaks deserve starvation far more than ANY other country on Earth.

London to become Chinese offshore banking centre.

Britain has relaxed stringent rules for Chinese banks willing to set up in London. Beijing in turn opened up its markets to British-based investors, marking the latest move to establish the yuan as one of the world’s key currencies.

& won’t the english & pomericans be ever so miffed, all of their “hard work” trying to destroy, 1st Gaddafi’s proposed “gold denier” with pom sas instigated terrorist takeover of Libya, then, more recently, “bitcoin” via fbi initiated attacks on “silk road” users on grounds of “oh, they’r selling pot & stuff” (ie, translates as “using non-taxable, non-us$ currency & gaining wealth that uber-rich anglos aren’t profiting from”).

‘China’s Google’ begins accepting Bitcoin.

China’s largest search engine Baidu – also known as the “Google of China” – has become the first service of its kind to accept the crypto-currency Bitcoin.

All of which translates to “we’v managed to buy-back, via sub-sub-sub-sub-sub companies that we ‘definitely don’t own’ (on paper at least), a shitload of usa government bonds & $z at ‘fire-sale’ clearance prices, by forcing China & other creditors of usa debt to rationalize their holdings thereof in the past couple of weeks, & to bankrupt, or at least to seriously debilitate, any companies IN the usa that we’r ‘not partial to’ (ie, that make peasants wealthy instead of ‘rOils’), so now both ‘sides’ of winnie ‘the poohbah’ churchill’s family in america can stop playing good cop/bad cop for the moment & pretend to give a fuck about the peasants for a minute or two, so as to lull them into a pre-cull false sense of security – ie, before sending the stronger ones out to be slaughtered or sterilized whilst looting for them abroad – & thus making it even easier to weaken & dumb down further the already complacent & myopic fluoridated & media-mesmerized sheeple”..

US Senate passes deal to avoid default, end shutdown; House will now get vote.

The US Senate has passed a deal to lift the debt ceiling and end the government shutdown by a vote of 81/18, now sending the legislation to the House.

What was that cartoon …. “& in other news, the government has decided to raise the allowed blood alcohol level to reduce drunk driving” or words to that effect ….

Buying time: US budget deal puts off financial doomsday.

President Obama and Congress have signed off on extending the debt ceiling through to February. The new legislation only temporarily solves the US budget dispute, begging the question if America will ever limit its borrowing.

“…. China is trying to buy more gold, they actually imported over 2 dozen tons of gold over the last two years through HK, and they are trying to increase the gold part of their reserves. It’s difficult for them to do this without driving prices up. Russia and China are both buying,” the Henley Group expert said.

“China understands they made have to eventually write off part of their US Treasury bond part of their reserve currencies,” Hennecke said…”

As i mentioned ages ago (when large shipments of “gold” through Hong Kong were discovered to be merely gold-wrapped titanium steel, & the only other place those “gold” bullion were found was in england, where someone sold 1 “that fell off the back of a lorry” to a scrap-merchant, ie, 1 ingot, in the entire world that wasn’t part of the phony gold sent to HK was in england, no doubt some wharfy that couldn’t resist stealing 1 whilst loading the rest to send to Honkers, ie, a thieving english stealing an example of a “pig-in-the-poke” traditional english sales method…”of course there’s a pig in that bag, no you can’t open it, are you calling me a liar…what, you got it home & there was only a cat in it? must have witches in your village, BURN THE WITCHES BURN THEM, THEY’R TURNING THE PIGS INTO KITTENS” etc…), & evidenced further these past weeks, a deliberate ploy by poms & pomericans to bilk China out of the trillion of $z they loaned the usa to bail it out of debt the other year, “by fair means or foul”, an attempt by the looter westerners to knobble the Chinese economy, eg,

“…. China, which holds roughly $1.3 trillion in US Treasury bonds, and is quite vulnerable to a US economic collapse, criticized lawmakers handling of the debt ceiling debate. State-owned Chinese media lambasted it as a ‘manufactured crisis’….”…on the bright side, at least it looks as if China doesn’t trust them either…

Thumbs down: Chinese rating agency downgrades US.

Despite a temporary budget compromise in Washington, China’s Dagong agency has downgraded the United States. Dangong maintains a negative outlook on the sovereign credit, as revenue and GDP fail to keep up with the country’s massive debts. (October 17, 2013)

& yet MORE shluuuuurpy brown-nosing of China by the english, as they try to find some sneaky slimy way to cripple the Chinese economy, & to subvert & twist it to their own tiny-minded power-grubbing ends… ps, this posting from the comments section of this report’s page sums it up quite nicely…

Candide Schmyles
“I wonder how smart China is getting involved with the UK. I hope they are fully aware of how slimy and devious our money men are. More or less owning the US Federal Reserve they have the US indebted to them for generations to come. I hope China is smart enough to put the clauses in place that protect them from infiltration and eventual usurpation of their financial system. These moneymen play the long game, China needs to look very carefully at the small print.”

UK and China agree multibillion dollar nuclear cooperation.

The British Chancellor George Osborne says the UK will let Chinese investors into its nuclear market, offering them the potential to grab a 100 percent stake. The first £14bn deal to construct a plant in the UK may be announced as early as next week.

& in related news, the enghlish are ALSO attempting to fuck up the Islamic Economies again…

Muslim money: Britain first Western country to issue Islamic bonds.

In an effort to attract a booming class of wealthy Muslim investors, Britain will be the first non-Islamic country to issue sovereign Islamic bonds, Prime Minister David Cameron has announced on Tuesday.