There’s No Bi@ch Slap Like A #Communist On #Capitalist Bi@ch Slap

“yo y’all “capitalism rules” greedtards, to put it mildly you ain’t been doing real crash hot at proving that of late, eg, apart from the actual “GFC”, (is that like “KFC”???, you know, with 11 secret herbs & spices”???) you then had the USA (that veritable Bastion of capitalists, consumerism, rampant unchecked economic “growth”, & corporate greedtardism having to BORROW TRILLIONS OF DOLLARS from CHINA, in order to SURVIVE (lolz lolz & hyuk hyuk hyk lolz TOO, hah Headshot BI@CH…), now Russia has just pissed on them TOO, & by being GENEROUS, lolz, there’s no Bi@ch Slap like a “proof is in the pudding” COMMUNIST on capitalist Bi@ch Slap..…” 

Rates reshuffle: Russia’s Central Bank Changes Keys To Better Transparency

“Russia’s main lender has made the price it charges other country’s banks for one-week borrowing the key benchmark for the market. Being at 5.5% it is by far a better reflection of Russia’s inflation than the previous anchor – the 8.25% refinancing rate.

As part of the effort by the Central Bank of Russia (CBR) to cap inflation and make the country’s banking more consistent, the regulator has shifted the focuses for other market players.

the Euro rocks, give it more time, stick with it, incorporate bitcoin, then start using gold for actual REAL purposes, ie, it’s the world’s most versatile & awesomely efficient material for so many tech purposes that digging it out of holes in the ground merely to then bury in rich brat’s basements (fort knox etc. inclusive) is blatantly stupid… billie

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Final Countdown: Merkel Defends The Euro Ahead Of The Election

“Angela Merkel’s political Eurosceptic challengers maintain that the euro has failed. However, a week ahead of the general election Merkel told voters Germany’s recovery success is proof the euro can drive growth and create jobs. The woman who pulled Germany out of recession is Merkel’s spin on the September 22 election, a campaign strategy which is widely expected to give the conservative a third term as Chancellor. Despite many analysts having said the whole idea of the currency bloc has failed, Chancellor Merkel clearly defended the euro.

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NSA Spying On Visa & SWIFT ‘Smells Like Economic Espionage’

“Reports of penetration of Visa and SWIFT by the NSA means it can get details of activities of foreign banks and pass it on to US competitors, giving them advantages on financial markets….. But the other aspect of the Spiegel story I think is more fascinating. You may recall that Der Spiegel also reported that SWIFT with is this interbank entity based in Brussels, Belgium, also was penetrated by NSA. That smells like espionage on the economic level. That is to say that the NSA can get details of what a German bank may be doing, a Russian bank may be doing, what a Chinese bank may be doing and pass that on to their US competitors, thereby giving the US competitor an advantage at a financial market.