“You’re brainwashed into having a gut filled with rotting corpse”

“you continue to eat it BECAUSE it kills you, ie, you’r brainwashed into having a gut filled with rotting corpse because you die soon after if not prior to retirement age”

the sane solution ignored is that even if such numbers of poor that currently subsist by working in the meat business were then out of work because of global veganism, if that meant turning large areas into non-monoculture “gardens” as opposed to current monoculture farms, they would have hugely better lifestyles anyway, & that, along with a vastly improved global ecosystem in general, should be the priority, not “financial considerations”, the only “problem” is convincing so many dumb-arse chimps that the reason they have vegetation digesting gastro-intestinal tracts that are toxified by stuffing them with slow rotting corpse, is because they ARE vegans ….njoi! Billie

What Would Happen If Everyone In The World Gave Up Meat

The meat industry is one of the top contributors to climate change, directly and indirectly producing about 14.5 percent of the world’s anthropogenic greenhouse gas emissions, and global meat consumption is on the rise. People generally like eating meat—when poor people start making more money, they almost invariably start buying more meat. As the population grows and eats more animal products, the consequences for climate change, pollution, and land use could be catastrophic.

12 Best Non-Meat Protein Sources

Contrary to popular misconception, you don’t need to devour a 16-ounce T-Bone steak to fulfill your daily protein quota. In fact, you don’t need any meat at all. Whether you’re a full-blown vegetarian or a longtime carnivore looking to cut back on your meat consumption, these 12 meatless foods are good sources of healthy, high-quality protein. Not to mention, they’re also better for the environment.

“Dish of the Week: Burnt Carcinogenic CORPSE”

Always hearing claims of “wonder foods”, i’d suggest (as braincells regrow regardless in general) that a wide variety of small amounts of vegetables (fish & chicken are not vegetables), herbs/spices (enjoyment is a known healing trigger), no burnt carcinogenic corpse, using every move an excercise in its own right etc., are much more likely to promote healthy cellular regeneration than merely chucking in some “wonder spice” which most likely only speeds cell growth, not cell health, & that (never trust the jaded rich) is possibly even merely the “dish of the week” in some circle or another, eg, “simply scrummy raw brain blancmange jeeves, however Did you manage to get the turmeric in with the aluminium so Perfectly Deliciously”, “oh, just a smidge of madison avenue deodorant & a dash of fleet street m’lud, then simply marinate the peasants for a few years & let them simmer in their own juices until soft”

re exercise, yeah, sort of, more a case though of simply “paying attention” to the muscles etc, ie, too many people seem to merely see themselves in “shallow” mode, not “wireframe” if ya get my drift, ie, they don’t “think” their physical being through everyday moves, so bad habits creep in, eg, always reaching for their coffee with the same arm, or moving their chair closer to it instead of “stretching for it” whilst consciously feeling the moves of their every other muscle around sinew/skeletal in relation to that simple move so as to incorporate their entire body into that move as a coordinated series/parallell of flex/contract/torque etc.

Hey Billie. Is there really any difference between sitting down for dinner and having chicken/beef/lamb/horse etc or having a feed of human? What do you reckon?

No, they’re all corpse, they all rot in chimps’ “way-too-lengthy-to-be carnivorous” gut, all cause cancer & various other toxin-based diseases in humans, ie, the human runs Perfectly on TOTALLY vegitarian, vegetation is required to keep the Planet’s ecosphere working, growing vegetables requires a tiny % of the land/resources that “livestock” uses to provide lower nutrition, poisonous corpses, & then most chimps poisoning themselves on it ignore the internal organs that are the bits that actual carnivores eat anyway, that contain way more nutrients than the flesh, & burn it 1st thus making it even MORE carcinogenic & toxic, ie, humans on average are retarded chimps. Slainté! Billie

Do Vegetarians Kill More Animals Than Meat Eaters?

People become vegetarians for a wide range of reasons, not the least of which is in opposition to the idea that we have the right to kill and eat other sentient beings. A recent article published by an Australian scientist, however, contends that those who choose to eat all-plant diets are actually responsible for the death of more animals than those who eat them.

Shocked? Indignant? I have to admit, I read the article’s title, “Ordering the vegetarian meal? There’s more animal blood on your hands,” with some surprise as well. Still, the author makes some points that forced me to think about aspects of the vegetarian vs. meat-eater debate in a new light.

a load of corpse-eater garbage, cattle & sheep etc destroy huge amounts of habitat & thus other animals, grains might do the same but grains are crap food too, ie, agriculture & pastoralism are the problem, not SANE chimps eating the VEGETATION that CHIMPS are intestinally-tracted TO eat, ie, VEGETATION, not CORPSES.

Agriculture as “Worst Mistake in the History of the Human Race”?

Jared Diamond’s breakthrough 1987 article, “Worst Mistake in the History of the Human Race” claims agriculture did not deliver the splendors of civilization but was instead a highway to hell. This section examines the traditional progressivist perspective on agriculture and the sources for Diamond’s revisionism, including passages that seem plagiarized from earlier anthropological work. For more on the perspective anthropology brings, see What is Anthropology?

Nobody Seems to Care That Meat and Dairy Are Heating Up the Planet

“Despite the fact that livestock production contributes more greenhouse gas emissions than the entire transport sector, there is an appalling unwillingness to change eating habits in order to make a difference.”

the fact that chimps with vegetarian gastro-intestinal tracts that get cancer etc from having slowly rotting lumps of corpse in their intestines for extended periods of time yet continue to eat corpse instead of vegetation says it all rally, ie, anything THAT stupid is going to stupidly ignore solutions also.

Eating Meat Kills People. So Why Do We Keep Eating It

What’s the news in nutrition these days? It’s that red meat can kill you, and processed meat can kill you. We knew that already, you say? Sure, but it turns out they can kill you even faster than we thought. According to Dr. Frank Hu, co-author of a new Harvard study on the topic, what is new “is the magnitude of risk associated with very moderate red meat consumption.” Predictably, the magnitude is greater. And the magnitude for processed meat is even greater than that. The Harvard study concluded that one serving of red meat a day increases the risk of early death by 13 percent. The same single daily serving of processed meat (like bacon or hot dog) increases that risk by 20 percent. And “one serving” means that little deck-of-cards sized lump that doesn’t satisfy anyone over the age of 10. Hu acknowledged that “it’s not really surprising because red meat consumption has been linked to an increased risk of chronic diseases, such as cardiovascular disease and cancer. What is surprising is the magnitude of risk associated with very moderate red meat consumption.”

“you continue to eat it BECAUSE it kills you, ie, you’r brainwashed into having a gut filled with rotting corpse because you die soon after if not prior to retirement age”

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