Billie Reid: “self, muso, poet, regenerationist extrordinaire, polymathic re-planetarizationist”

“since before my fingertips could stretch to within a half foot of the edges of the cot interior, since back when adults leaning in to “googah” swam in & out of focus with proximity & had heads the size of large watermelons. soooo, slight “generalization” at the very least”

Billie Reid

Let me just make a few things perfectly clear here, since i 1st started solo wandering swamplands from about age 4 i’v been paying attention to the way the Australian eco-system works, i learned to read at a young age, to the point that in grade 1 i had finished all the books in the class library, was a member in good standing of the town library & had unlimited access to the books in every other class library grades 2-7, & the school library, & could wander through the other classes any time i’d finished my given work before class finished, ie, most of the time, i was tested in grade 4 to have a reading comprehension level equivalent to that of an 18+ year old uni student, & had read copiously even by then, including your “ol’faves” the hobbit & the lord of the rings trilogy (boring as batshit incidentally, no Chicks, a bit too “boys own” if you get my drift), my main readings (after a childhood interest of a year or 2 of voraciously devouring & comparing various religious texts & folk lore) were the sciences, by the time i was nearing upper primary school i had finished basically everything in the school’s resources, & had graduated to 4 library cards at the town library, each allowing me 3 books at a time, with access to all areas of that library, & no limit on how many times i took out & returned & took out more books each week (or day for that matter) all privileges of which i took full advantage through the remainder of primary school & on through high school, which brought with it yet another library, which i also set about “devouring”, (a “quite” fkn HIGH iq) both by taking out books in bulk, & by spending any spare time “speed scanning” more, after school, & various new freedoms (of which fucking was probably my main fave for a few years, a few hours or so every day keeps you fit. i began wandering around Australian, mostly on foot working farms, building sites, gold claims etc, from the south west through the gold fields & northern gold fields, out to the Kimberleys for walks through boab “forests”, into the northern territory (probably my favorite part of any good walk, that 1st glimpse each time of the rocks & “cliffs” before Victoria River as you 1st walk in from west oz) because you know Katherine ain’t “far”, all the while checking out the different facets of the Natural eco-system, how it’s changed since my last walk there in a different season etc, checking out the man-made catchments & dams stretching out around northern wa, etc, etc, et fkn cetera, & to put all of this knowledge, hard won to the point of my having been dead on a dozen occasions (i once thought of changing my goal from giving australia a FUTURE to “the travellers’ guide to intensive care wards of australia”) into developing a plan to put PEOPLES in the “driving seat” of Australian again instead of the (even at that point in time) all too evident scammers in the “get rich quick” poms looting australia category, (anyone remember even 1/4 acre blocks? or has the fluoride calmed your rabbity little nerves into rabbity little rabbit hutches already, gee y’all must LURVE your friendly neighborhood pom slumlords ey?), which i proceeded to do, & to give y’all these perfectly workable ideas, designed to benefit y’all & your Kids & their Kids ad infinitum, & then to note that you braindead gormless corgi greedtard fuckups are more concerned with snuffling more truffles from pom arseholes than even contemplating having a fkn go at DOING something USEFUL, as opposed to keeping the english economy afloat by helping them loot the country in exchange for thee schmackos & chew bones they chuck y’all in exchange for digging holes in the sandpit or pushmailing jokes to eachother from your office cubicle playpens is quite the annoyance, ie, you spineless pissant yokels, that quite frankly, couldn’t for the most part organize a fuck in the brothel y’all were scraped off of the walls of & flung into test-tubes from, can all go fuck your pathetic selves into some wimp “paradise” of soma & sopa, you are simply not worth my even giving the slightest inkling of the consideration of potentially maybe possibly even giving a half a flying fuck about, now go cry to your daddios you fucktard motherfucking hicks, so, once more, from the top kiddies, as Arlo Guthrie mentions in his “Alice’s Restaurant massacree”, “i ain’t tired, i ain’t proud either, we’l just wait for it to come around again on the gee-tawr, & then i want y’all to sing right along”

“self, muso, poet, regenerationist extrordinaire, polymathic re-planetarizationist….yz need a fkn shake up” #BillieReid

to the “ruddites” with their patriarchaic “never hit a woman” gobshite? kev, maaaate, i mix in circles where Femmes would like as not rip your arms off & bitchslap ya to death with them for even thinking let alone vocalizing such patronizing wimp gobshite. not all Femmes are weak li’l “daddy’s li’l princesses” ya know, in fact i’d say MOST aren’t, (Thankfully) & me? i’m a Feminist, i Believe in ACTUAL Equality, because i’v seen nothing in my life to show Femmes as being ANY less capable than males, & in fact, looking at MOST males, i’d say that Femmes in general would whip yo’puppy arses.

actually, i’v no qualms with punching the fuck out’v ANY1 that’s trying to make me unconscious “kev” [#KevinRudd], male, female, whatever, an aggressor is an enemy, that’s all. i also, having view firsthand, initially with confusion, then bemusement, & now a total disdain of your outright LIE of a “justice” system, that ONLY “judges” on the price of your clobber & your lawyers fee, so, quite frankly, the next muthafukka that tries to harm me or set me up on some scammy reputation destroying charge i will have no qualms whatsoever about dispatching forthwith.

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