Big Bang Theory …. What “Dark Matter”?!?!

“Billie, have you read the new articles debunking the big bang theory?” Ali McAnon

“some, the “ever-expanding universe” etc, most still seem quite lame though, prefer mine”

…. although i don’t see anything wrong in the actual concept of an ever-expanding multiverse, just that in any universe contained within it you’l get a “drip from a leaf-tip” effect, ie, a seemingly continuous expansion, but only until that “infinite” mass is achieved & the lightspeed “meniscus” contains everything at maximum speed, then it will stabilize & in entirety shrink as it spirally gravitationally falls towards any other mass in that surrounding multiverse, ad infinitum.

“what “dark matter”? ‪#‎Einstein‬ explained it as his main law, ie, if any matter travelling at lightspeed achieves infinite mass & zero size, then where the fk else are you to look for such other than in the sub-atomic, ie, if you’r “measuring” a particle that you claim has lightspeed, but “measuring” it as having less than infinite mass &/or greater than zero size, then you’r either “measuring” its speed wrongly, or you’r only “measuring” its “event horizon” or even further out from its “zeroness”, as the inverse square law of gravity still applies… you might also note that “lightspeed” should really be considered as “zero” speed, as an object AT “lightspeed” is obviously incapable of actually “moving”, being as it is sunk as deep into the time-space “meniscus” (the “skin” that all lightspeed objects form, regardless of “place”), ie, everything BELOW lightspeed is akin to a thread “floating” like a strand of web “above” that lightspeed object, spiralling dimensionally “away”, “thicker” at its slower points, but only in a gravitational “dimensional lensing” effect”

Mystery Solved? Dark Matter Could Have Killed Dinosaurs and Much More

The Earth’s movement through the Milky Way might explain dramatic changes in the planet’s ecosystem and geosphere, a new study suggests. In short, blame dark matter.

Biology professor Michael Rampino of the New York University asserts that roughly every 26-30 million years the Earth suffers from a massive extinction event, killing up to 90 percent of all terrestrial life forms. Dinosaurs became extinct 66 million years ago in one such event, once known as the Cretaceous-Tertiary extinction.


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