“Troughs Of Bucket’o’Burgers For Being Arse-Licking Corgis”

“means y’all get to live on this side of the “tear along the dotted lines” ….. serves ya right ya greedy fks”

don’t forget kiddies, your greedtard obsequiousness to “australian” (ie, english, because, hey, that’s the bank where the pissants keep their loot, ie, not, for example, in Australian banks/investments except for their “make work for Indigenous so they can pay rent in OWN FKN COUNTRY”) mining companies (yeah, i know, you get Ever So Many Troughs of Bucket’o’Burgers for being arse-licking corgis, i’m thrilled for y’all, truly chuffed) means y’all get to live on this side of the “tear along the dotted lines”, structurally reinforcing strong & resiliant & shock-absorbing iron/gold/pressurized gas&oil pockets depleted/decades overdue for an earthquake along the fault-lines on the oldest (& there-for most decayed) continental rock on the Planet, & not on the “good side” of meckering either, serves ya right ya greedy fks, don’t forget to magma-proof ya floaties, & practice clinging by ya toenails to sudden cliff-faces, oh yeah, & dodging “rollin’&a’tumblin”office towers if ya near perth.

WellChill! Billie