With a melting-pot Eurasian heritage and many curiosity-fuelled travels under her belt, contemporary songbird Lily still has no trouble calling her West-Australian town of Fremantle, home. However, she has to confess that a bit of her heart may have been left behind in Nashville, Tennessee.

Exposed to a myriad of musical influences in her childhood (having two excitably musical parents will do that!), at 23 years old, Lily has trouble explaining what genre of music she has the deepest love for. Being surrounded by such a rich musical heritage in Nashville simply had her spun head-over-heels. After tasting everything from hot honky-tonk to stunningly soulful country, it was a slightly bittersweet return to the call of the Indian Ocean. For Lily, Fremantle is the perfect place to breathe in and refocus. As far as she is concerned, the essence of music is in honesty and connectivity, the ideal performance a blend of tangible expression and quiet composure. Lily maintains that artists who know how imperfections can perfect a vocal delivery ­– notably influences such as Norah Jones, Emiliana Torrini and Corrine Bailey Ray – are in possession of a very powerful thing.

At her heart, Lily is simply a girl bursting with stories to tell. Irrelevant of era, genre or format, the ability to tell a story worth telling is what, she firmly believes, makes a beautiful song. And, like any good story, to be given the chance to take someone else’s and tell it in your own way is to her, a beautiful and honourable thing.

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