“The Best Thing Anonymous Could Do Would Be To Take Out The Power Grid”

“…. personally though, i think the best thing anon [Anonymous] COULD do would be to take out the power grid, or have NONE ov y’all ever studied mesmerism, worrying about yr matrix, when y’all ALREADY faraday caged in the fkn patrix ….. you are no more than “beasts of the field” to them, cannon fodder for their games ….

Ode To The Dudes

“don’t forget, iz YOUR Planet too, and if “the Land of the Free” (lol) is draconian then where ya think li’l pomerican clone Oz headed, ♥ (or should that be “the Land of the Free small fries and cola with every three humvees purchased and would you like fries with that and a shake coz for only $3 more we throw in a burger”) ♥” …. njoi billie”

Anonymous: A Message to the State of Israel [YouTube video deleted]

Billie “ov course this vid omits a few thangz, eg, a certain deal made by victorian empire englais with benjamin disraeli re founding ov an incursion zone to loot the midl east from etc, ie, for thoze to dim to have noticed, pom thugs are currently (and this includes in Oz,”another job lot of 500 pom wallopers then squire, cheaper by the multitudes”) sneaking (sasanaching/snaking) into soveriegn countries, handing out guns etc to their residual corgis and sleepers they left there when they “owned all the red bits on the map” and STARTING violent overthrows ov regimes based on THEIR word??? uh, “forked tongues” ring a bell anyone??? TCNAFWUC”

Anonymous: Address to Greeks During Feb. 12 Riots [YouTube video deleted]

Greece’s government will fall…and so will the European Union. We will stand by the people of Greece. We are Anonymous. We are Legion.

Billie ” …. “Greece,birthplace of democracy”,lol, true, “democracy” in ancient greece consisted ov tiny clique of wealthy elite slaveowners with “citizenship” allowed to vote, peasantry? no votes, slaves?(surprise surprise) no votes, tho rich foreigners could buy citizenship and then vote (a “tradition” that their successors the romans continued), hmm, seems nothing’z changed then, ie, slaves were prized and expensive resource, they were (for most part) fed well, housed, clothed, treated by doctors, etc, just not paid(except in freedom sometimes if they were the “corgi” type),nowadays, in “democracies” y’all work for tha rich, pay for your food,housing,medical treatment, clothing etc, to the point where you can’t afford NOT to “9-5” it, and usually end up more than your Children will be able to pay back for y’all, not to mention greedtardly destroying your own Planet in process, and die in debt, all so the rich inbreds can go to casino openings in monacco or a spiffing yachting holiday or winter at aspen, WTF??? still, that’z democracy, so, don’t forget to go kill “commies”(peasants,just like yourselves, except with the intestinal fortitude to get rid ov parasitic monarchies and SHARE their resources and skills) for the rich, hate to see y’all SHARING instead ov feeding your souls to keep the rOils pampered”

Anonymous: Message to the NSA [YouTube video deleted]

NSA: “You decieve the public. You embrace scare tactics. You lie. “Stop. Or Expect Us.” Greetings NSA, We are Anonymous.

“personally though, i think the best thing anon [Anonymous] COULD do would be to take out the power grid, or have NONE ov y’all ever studied mesmerism, worrying about yr matrix, when y’all ALREADY faraday caged in the fkn patria” Billie Reid

Anonymous: Message to AIPAC [YouTube video deleted]

EMERGENCY BULLETIN: AIPAC, You will not escape our wrath. Citizens of the World. We are Anonymous.

Billie “if any1bothered2check,if israel actually ever WAS where it now claims it should be,then one would have to presume also that Palestinians are the descendants of those same tribes that WEREN’T taken by egypt az slaves,ie,the non schizo ones that had egypt(az waz customary throughout Africa)hadn’t been asked to assist with, eg, the ones sent from all over Africa to be slaves in egypt were criminals and psychos, and a group such az the jews that base their existance on a voice in an ancestor’s(abraham) head telling him to kill his son,then changing its mind as he was about to kill his son CERTAINLY qualifies, not to mention rantings and ravings of “prophets” since, ps,considering moses hung out with slaves, and what grows wild(and was cultivated by egypt),and what slaves tend to do to pass “free-time”, whatcha RECKON was that “burning bush” god “spoke to him from”? coz i’d guess he was a fkn STONER, helps ya go without water longer too, handy on a desert run…..pps, and y’all what claim y’all xtians???your new testament ain’t a fkn “add on yearbook”, its a TOTAL REPLACEMENT, so why ya still “kill for jesus”and have legal system TOTALLY based on old testament revenge??? fkn nongz”

Anonymous: General Strike #OpMayDay. [YouTube video deleted]

Stand up against the 1%. Spread this video everywhere and prepare for battle.

Billie “except they wrong about”the 1%need the 99%”,ie,you’ve given them clone-tech,and the neutron bomb,and dna shears and even mapped the human genome for them enough that for half a decade+ now they’ve known which gene group to “trim” to remove”rebellious behaviour during adolescence”, if you can clone a mouse you can clone a human, if you can clone a sheep you can clone a human, if you can clone a monkey you can sure’z fk clone a human, because a human iz a type ov monkey, so when you see a heap ov old french monarchy descendants and their english cousins (eg, bush’s,brangelinas,maddonnas, parker-bowles’s,obamas, rodham-clintons etc) disappear into a bunker with their adopted genetic diversity sans cultural influences, hide under a blade’v grass, you’l have az much chance ov surviving their bombs there az anywhere else”


Anonymous – A Message To All World Leaders. [YouTube video deleted]

This is a clear message to all our supposed “leaders” of our various nations. We are warning you. Expect us.

Billie “nice concept, but az uzual y’all forget you’re dealing with the 1%, ie, the same monarchies that introduced bubonic plague to europe from england in the “dark ages” by harboring rotten hulks of ships in foreign ports, then sinking them so that the hordes of bubonic plague flea infested rats swam to shore there, and who then proceeded to (because of a lack of”competition from their cousins of the european monarchies to play toy soldiers due to their plague devastated populations) cull their own peasantry and tidy up the flea problem locally by burning london to the ground, ie,they will simply use the(so kindly donated by peasant research) neutron bombs to cull the “irritating” 99% en masse, after ov course retreating to well provisioned bunkers full ov collected dna samples, frozen zygotes and seed banks, ie, you are no more than “beasts of the field” to them, cannon fodder for their games and broodmares for the continuation of their slave castes, rebellion free gene-snipped clone labor that requires no pay, television or holidays are a much more pleasing option to the 1%, and the “beauty” ov modern nuclear devices iz that some are geared to simply kill all life whilst not damaging machinery or buildings, and that only stay radioactive for mere days, not thousands of years, do the math”

Anonymous – Message to the American People [from Anonymous]

We Are Legion!