Aboriginal Land Rights: “Land Stolen By Brute Force & Ignorance”

“though all thangs considered, couldn’t really say “built” [more like] stolen by brute force&ignorance …. is much more applicable description methinx”

as long as it ain’t the too-often “stop Indigenous Oz from utilizing their own Country because english missionaries beat new versions of their history into the Stolen Generation & now they can’t make use of it” (even though pomstralian mining/pastoral companies STILL in most cases get final say in whether THEY can make dollars from it, REGARDLESS of Land Rights)

“if Humanity falls, where once were Forests, & so with no Life left to grow from its corpse, could it have ever been said to have Existed in the first place” Billie Reid

just reminded of a “conversation” years ago with a posh private school brat of about 40ish, who was ranting that the “only reason australians don’t own their own land and houses is because they are bludgers that don’t know what hard work is” , this from a pissant who minutes before had been saying that “mum bought me a house in subi when i turned 18, i used some of my trust fund and had it renovated, thern sold it and bought another, then when i got my share of the sheep station inheritance when dad retired and my brother took it over i went travelling the world”et fkn cetera, ie, some pissantr that only has money because poms gave his family a shitload of land in the hills in exchange for sending them wool and murdering the Indigenous and whipping convicts from a horse claims “hard work got him where he is today”,and y’all only bludgers that rent houses he “landlords” lols, guf fkn faw….

makes me wonder, exactly what are the qualifications required to run a sheep station? (apart from being a corgi licker of pom arses), let’s see, tell someone else to staple wire to a post, or tell someone else to dig a hole, or tell someone else to shear a sheep, or tell someone else to load a truck…..oh yeah, and that uber important skill of being able to train sheep to eat grass.

oh, & in case previous comment upsets any delicate sensibilities (“rah rah, this countrybuilt on sheeps’ back yadayadayada”etc.) i was rousabouting since i was 14, carted hay, picked apples, drenched & needled sheep & longhorn bulls, did more than a few seasons of picking spuds, winter & summer, & did formwork & brickies labourer for major constructions in the NT, WA, lotzv mudbrick and stone houses, weatherboarding, brickworks, brick-paving, roof plumbing, mostly for the exercise, whilst fatarsed rich bastards yelled stupid orders (ignore them, do it the right way seems sounder to me, do it their way ya end up having to waste time doing it right later anyway, like ya would’v anyway if ya just ignore them and do it first off) just because they inherited a fkn farm, as they ride around in airconditioned cabs getting more off the govt than a hundred of the “dole bludgers” they always rant and rave about because they can’t run 500 hectares off primo riverland at a profit and whilst their kids are off surfing overseas and on the dole for the holidays, like their permanent workers when the cattle aren’t selling high for a cupla weeks etc, ie, fk’m.

Ode To The Dudes

& THEY got to keep their guns when corgi john howard was stealing everyone elses in exchange for the promise of a cricket guernsey and a compilation boxed set of qe2’s fireside chats? because they’re all “loyal monarchists” (and because they surround the villages full of gunless peasants) oh, and because they get 5x the vote of anyone else, which reminds me, if 2 parties of conflicting political ideologies (except for being suck-ups to england) need to team up to beat the party that usually gets the vote of the actual majority? then your vote ain’t worth shit, and when the governor general , the queen of england’s rep in Oz can sack the majority voted in party anyway? your vote ain’t worth a pinch of shit, and don’t forget, ol’ qe2 ain’t even allowed to sack the english govt…WTF???

or, (apart from fact that it was blatantly obviously an attempt to bankrupt smaller farms to remove any “non-monarchists/unreliable fence-sitters” from the land-owning position, eg, Indo dude in the vids of “cattle cruelty” [“growing” beef to murder ain’t cruel of course, because chimps evolved eating fattened corpse] claimed “english gentleman [double oxymoron] paid them to kick the cattle for the vid…) where the fk do the farmers get off grabbing a handout from govt for having all their fkn eggs in 1 basket?, like they got no food? no roof? no vege garden, no beef? no furniture, television, stereo, record/dvd collection, jewellry etc. to fkn PAWN like EVERYONE ELSE has to in such circumstances of “not having an income”(lolz big lolz lol) for a cupla weeks, & the dole for them and their employees???, hey, next time you ain’t got any subcontracting or chippying for a coupla weeks try get the dole or for your labradors, “we’d lurve to help if we could, but you have $1000.23c in the bank, soooo sorry” or “but you have your own mortgage”,WTF, farmers ain’t got land, assets or $z in bank worth more than $1000 then? is that what you’r tell’n us? fkoff ya fkn bludgers, if ya can’t turn a fkn profit out’v more land than the average fkn VILLAGE, and ya into bargain ya POISON it and any existing waterways, lakes and rivers??? get the fk off the Land & let the grownups FIX it , ie, stick a fork in their arse and turn’m over, they’s DONE.

Matthew Francis Hughes: It seems pretty clear to me that he did get where he was due to hard work just not his. Australia’s economy was not built on a sheep’s back it was built on cheap or free slave labour from Indigenous Australians first and then continued using class structures to get the poor to do the work while the rich reap the rewards of their labour.

True That. though all thangs considered, couldn’t really say “built”, stolen by brute force&ignorance is much more applicable description methinx.