Talented singer/songwriter, visionary, environmentalist, and self-titled spartan, Billie Reid and the charming nightingale Lily, are two gifted musicians imbuing tenderness and authenticity into the heart of their music. With Billie’s poetic facility and Lily’s sweet, savory voice, the two musical professionals offer a meal for our ears with an appetizing and innovative flair. Abandoning the bandwagon of trendy, “chick-flick” sell-out lyrics and provocative melodies, the artists breathe passion and honesty into their songs.
Lily is truly the ideal voice to convey the expressive metaphors and sweet harmonies of Billie’s music. She offers us uninhibited honesty and possesses a rare effortless sophistication, filled with elegance and nuances of serenity that is calming to the soul and does not try to be a glittery, melodramatic twenty-something performer belting out bogus love songs. Rather, she confronts tacky clichés, breathing courage and grace into the core of her music.
Through Lily’s musical tranquility and Billie’s artistic lyrics, we receive a refreshing treat for the senses. Together, these musicians are a true reminder that under-the-radar, alternative music is severely undervalued.


“You’re brainwashed into having a gut filled with rotting corpse”

"you continue to eat it BECAUSE it kills you, ie, you'r brainwashed into having a gut filled with rotting corpse because you die soon after if not prior to retirement age" (more…)... Read more.

Don’t Fuck With The Powers That Be Or We’ll Nail You To A Tree

"..... maybe the xtians might also consider questioning why the SUPERSEDED old testament still runs their "moral" & legal systems in the west .... the new testament was a REPLACEMENT, not a fkn "yearbook addendum", even if, when ya cut thru the gobshite fairy-tale bit" (more…)... Read more.